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Research is showing that people who are well rested actually appear more attractive.

To test the role of slumber in a beauty regimen, researchers in Sweden had observers look at photographs of both sleep-deprived people and people who had slept for eight hours the previous night. Observers were asked to rate the photos based on how healthy, attractive, and tired the subjects appeared. In all categories, they rated sleep-deprived subjects the lowest.[i]

According to the National Institutes of Health National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (, sleep plays a vital role in our overall physical health by allowing our bodies to heal and repair. This includes our skin as well as emotional well-being, so it’s easy to understand why regular shuteye helps us keep our glow inside and out.

To make the most of your beauty sleep, make sure you’re getting enough sleep nightly. (Be your own judge of how much is enough. Preferences tend to range from 7 to 10 hours). Practice healthy sleep habits such as going to sleep and waking up at the same time daily, avoiding caffeine and excessive alcohol late in the day, and avoiding “screen time” (smartphones, tablet, TVs, computers) in the bedroom.

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You can further boost the beauty benefit of slumber with these tricks:

  • Choose white sheets and pillowcases and wash them in sensitive skin-friendly detergent. Fabric dyes can irritate your skin, and so can harsh, heavily perfumed detergents.
  • Try to sleep on your back to avoid scrunching your face against the pillow. You’ll be free of lines and creases now, which may help prevent wrinkles later.
  • Cleanse your face every night before bed to remove make-up, dirt, and oil and allow skin cells to renew as you sleep.
  • Moisturize before bed with the moisturizer appropriate for you skin type (such as lightweight and oil free for oily skin and rich for dry skin).

This is good news for all of us looking for simple, no-cost ways to look and feel more attractive—literally overnight!


[i] Axelsson J, Sundelin T, Ingre M, et al. Beauty Sleep: Experimental Study on The Perceived Health and Attractiveness of Sleep Deprived People. BMJ 2010;341:c6614.