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Shabad kriya, kundalini bedtime meditation.

Sit in an easy pose with a straight spine.

Place your hands in your lap in Buddha mudra, palms up, right hand resting on top of the left and your thumbs will touch and face forward. You want your eyes to focus at the tip of your nose. Keep the eyes about nine-tenths of the way closed. To do this, bring your forefinger in front of your face and look at it. Keep looking at the forefinger and slowly bring the forefinger to the tip of the nose.


Keep your eyes here, nine-tenths of the way closed, soft and steady. On an inhale, bring your arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground and turn your palms up. Begin practicing breath of fire for one to three minutes.

This exercise balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which makes it easier to maintain focus of the two eyes. Take a deep breath in. With your exhale, begin sharp shooting exhalations out both nostrils. The inhale happens naturally. You’ll draw your diaphragm up with every pump of exhalation.

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Once you’re finished with breath of fire, take three steady recovery breaths, long inhalation and extended exhalation and lower your palms back into your lap.

Now for the breathing-in mantra. Inhale four equal parts through your nose. Inhale is divided into four sniffs. Mentally vibrate sa-ta-na-ma with the four parts of the inhalation. Hold the breath and mentally repeat four repetitions of sa-ta-na-ma so that there will be a total of 16 counts while you’re retaining your inhale. Then exhale in two equal strokes mentally projecting wahey-gudu. You’ll inhale sa-ta-na-ma. Hold for four rounds of sa-ta-na-ma. And exhale in two equal strokes wahey-gudu.

Continue this for eleven minutes.

When you feel like you are falling asleep lower yourself to lie down and rest deeply.

Sat Nam and Namaste.

[End of recording]