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1. Don’t forget to check the credentials of your online casino of choice

First of all, do a little research into the online casino you’re thinking of playing at.

  • Is it a legitimate casino?
  • How long has it been in business?
  • What are other customers saying about it?

Do a little research, and you might find that you’ve avoided becoming a victim of a scam by not playing at a less-than-reputable casino.

2. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts

This is something a lot of people do, but it’s a regrettable idea. If one account gets hacked, and you’ve got the same password for everything, then it’ll be game over for you. Every account you have should have a unique password. This includes your email, social media accounts, and, of course, your Zodiac Casino accounts.

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3. Only ever use trusted payment methods when depositing

If you’re depositing money into your online casino account, make sure it is partnered with a trusted payment method that’s been around for a while. Don’t use a brand-new payment method or something you’ve never heard of before. You don’t know how secure it is, and you don’t know if someone could steal your money. Keep an eye out for payment methods that have been around for a while.

4. Use a VPN to protect your personal information

A VPN can help protect your personal information like your IP address, location, browsing history, and more. This is especially useful if you’re playing at an online casino that’s not in your own country. There are some scammers out there who will try to hack into your computer to steal your information. Using a VPN can help protect you against this. A VPN will also help you to stay anonymous while playing online casino games.

5. Check for a seal of approval from an auditing company

One thing you should do before deciding on an online casino to play at is check for its seal of approval from an auditing company. These companies are there to make sure casinos are following all the rules and are completely legitimate. Good casinos will have a seal of approval from one of these companies. You can look at the casino’s terms and conditions to see if it has a valid license. If it does, you can play there without worrying too much about getting scammed.


Online casino games are a great way to have fun and enjoy yourself. However, as with any game, there can be risks involved when playing. You might think that it will never happen to you, but people get scammed all the time when playing online casino games. If you follow our tips, then you’re more likely to stay safe when playing casinos online.