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The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) regularly releases an annual audit, and the figures from 2018 showed that some 28,000 procedures took place in 2018.

This represented a small increase of 0.1% on 2017, while women underwent some 92% of all cosmetic surgeries recorded. Liposuction and rhinoplasty (nose jobs) were among the most popular surgeries, while facelifts also increased by 9% when compared to the previous year.

But what sort of features make a nose attractive, and which celebrities do those who have their noses augmented look to use as an example? Let’s get into it!

What Makes a Nose Attractive?

There’s an old adage which suggests that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and this is certainly true when discussing what makes a nose attractive.

However, there are some universal features that may prove crucial when identifying an aesthetically pleasing nose.

Firstly, your nose should ideally be in proportion to the rest of your face, in order to create a balance and symmetrical look. Symmetry is also key, as this is considered to be crucial and something that has bee found to increase attractiveness ratings in human faces.

Interestingly, more symmetrical faces are perceived as being markedly more attractive in both females and males, while this also plays a much larger role in judgements of attractiveness in the case of women’s visages.

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On the subject of female noses, it can also be argued that the ideal shape is considered to be a slightly upturned button nose.

This is an obvious point of debate, however, as people have their own perceptions about which nose shape is attractive and what they look for when gauging the aesthetic appeal of their potential partners.

What Celebrity Noses Do Cosmetic Patients Look to Copy?

While you can use these reference points before having your nose augmented, you should know that many patients use celebrities to help inform surgeons and pursue a precise and desirable look.

For example, it’s though the Duchess of Cambridge has sparked a dramatic boom in cosmetic surgeries among women, as a record number of females (and some men) look to replicate their perfect nose.

More specifically, a 15% hike in rhinoplasty operations has been observed during the last year, with a large number of patients willing to go under the knife to resemble the beautiful Duchess. This is part of a wider trend, of course, with the cult of celebrity highly appealing to people and some patients considering rhinoplasty as being an aspirational surgery.

In case you’re wondering, the Duchess boasts a beautiful, straight-edged nose, which is compatible with both genders and also features an eye-catching 106-degree nasal tip rotation.

This commonly sought after through cosmetic surgeries, as a growing percentage of the UK population becomes more willing to invest in the perfect nose!