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Want to just escape from your life for a bit to a faraway island for some peace and serenity?

I have learned from years of meditation that some simple techniques help anchor us through difficult times and make the good times more enriching.

The following are some tips I have used to find serenity in my life.

1.“I am” breathing exercise.

You can do this simple breathing exercise anytime, anyplace, even when you are stuck in traffic. Every time you inhale, mentally say the word I; and every time you exhale, mentally say the word am. Pay attention to how the breath flows in and out of your body; visualize the breath spreading from your lungs through your chest and down your arms and legs. The “I am” breathing exercise is meant to remind you that your true self is empowered, in control, and creative—you are not bound by your job title, your income, your age, your appearance, or anything else.

2.Watch a video.

Never underestimate the power of visual language to tap deeply into your subconscious to bring about a pure sense of happiness and inner peace. On YouTube and Vimeo, there are plenty of videos of ocean waves, falling rain, fields of flowers, and other calming imagery that will be sure to bring an inner smile to your spirit. Create your own library of images that soothe your soul.

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3.Practice the three Cs.

One of my favorite exercises growing up was practicing the three Cs: no criticizing, condemning, or complaining. Sometimes consciously changing your inner dialogue can have drastic results on how you see the world and interact with others. See if you can practice this exercise for one hour or, even better, one day.

4.Learn how to meditate.

Meditation is one of the best lifelong skills you can give yourself for your long-term health and happiness. People who meditate regularly tend to be happier, live longer, and lead healthier lives because they are better equipped to handle life’s speed bumps and detours.

5.Anchor your thoughts with an intention.

All action begins with an intention, whether consciously or subconsciously. So why not consciously make an intention that will pave the way for positive actions and greater happiness? Whether your intention is abstract (My intention is to be the change I wish to see in this world) or very specific (My intention is to go to the gym today before dinnertime), make a point to express it by writing it down or posting it By making a point every single day to make an intention, you are taking control of the happy and productive life you want to lead.