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Where do you go to find your deepest self? Some people find a sense of spiritual connection in church, while others may experience the same connection in nature or sitting in meditation. It’s true that many roads lead to the same place. There are countless ways to tune into that internal voice.

Some people experience their deepest self, their deepest sense of spiritual connection through creative expression. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. We all have a creative spark within us—it may come alive through music, painting, sculpting, knitting, drawing, carving, writing, or any number of creative endeavors. What matters is not the vehicle for creativity, but the pursuit. It’s not the end product, but the act of giving voice to what lies within you.

Creativity and Spirituality

While many people see creativity as the work of the intellect, some argue that it is actually a spiritual process. When we are creative, we allow our imagination to take flight and we give expression to our inner workings. Each of us is truly a unique being, never to be replicated again. We each hold the seeds of different ideas, different longings, different gifts—creative expression allows us to give voice to our truest, deepest self.

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Moreover, when we engage in the act of creativity, we are, in a sense, listening to spirit. It is process during which we tune in and pay attention to an inner nudge. Creative expression allows us to be connected—to ourselves and to something larger than ourselves.

Often, creativity is a deeply healing process—one that allows us to express emotions such as anger or grief that may have built up within us. By losing ourselves in the creative process, we allow that energy to move through us and out of us. We find a way to move from anger to peace or from grief to joy.

In her book, Claiming Your Creative Self: True Stories from the Everyday Lives of Women, Eileen M. Clegg says, “When you begin to act on your creativity, what you find inside may be more valuable than what you produce for the external world.”

So, go ahead—express yourself and feel your world expand as you lose track of time and let your imagination soar. Feeling creatively stuck? Here are a few ways to ignite your creative spark:

  • Immerse yourself in creativity. Creativity isn’t only about creating; you may find that appreciating the creativity of others helps spark something within you. Make time to visit art galleries, attend lectures, enjoy concerts, and expose yourself to creativity and beauty. Your soul will soar—and you might find that your own imagination gets triggered.
  • Join a creative community. Join a quilting group, take a class, or sign up for a creative cooperative, where you can share ideas and encouragement. Surround yourself with other creative people who will support and inspire you.
  • Spend time in nature. Get outside and move. You’ll feel a rush of endorphins, your spirits will lift, and your creative juices will start to flow.
  • Keep a journal. Spend time alone with your journal and allow the ideas to flow. Later, you might return to your words and find the seed for a new creative endeavor. Consider keeping a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas and inspiration.
  • Get quiet. Creative ideas often bubble up during moments of solitude and peace. Give yourself the time to listen. Your spirit will inevitably nudge you in the right direction.