Summer 2016

The summer 2016 issue of Women includes in-depth features covering multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis, all of which include expert insight alongside current research. In addition, the issue provides inspiring stories of cancer survivorship, told from the perspective of ovarian cancer survivors, as well as tips for cancer caregivers, a guide to DNA testing, and insight from a physician into the value of seeking a second. Women’s standard features and columns covering fitness, nutrition, life coaching, and recipes are also included.


Advances offer Promise for Multiple Myeloma Patients
With a growing number of treatment options, the out­look is improving for patients with this blood cancer.
By Mia James
Get a Second Opinion: Seek, Listen, Learn
If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, seeking a second opinion will allow you to learn more about your cancer type and make truly informed decisions about treatment.
By Charles H. Weaver, MD
Osteoporosis Treatment Today
Increasing understanding of the condition and its treatment is resulting in better fracture prevention and fewer side effects.
By Mia James
Multiple Sclerosis: When the Signal Can’t Get Through
New approaches help slow the march of a debilitating condition
By Sharon Reynolds

Body Wise

Nutrition and Exercise

Making Sense of Eating Well
With a bit of background and some clear strategies, good nutrition need not be that complicated.
By Matilde Parente, MD, FCAP
Running Start
Women pay their love for running forward by mentoring new runners.
By Diana Price
6 Steps for Simple Meal Planning
Planning ahead will allow you to reap the benefits of healthier and less expensive home-cooked meals.
By Heidi Reichenberger McIndoo, MS, RD, LDN
Cooking with Seasonal Food
A new cookbook offers inspired desserts that highlight seasonal fruits.
Getting Started with Yoga
New to yoga? Roll out your mat with confidence by putting these 12 tips into practice.
By Jessica Matthews, MS, E-RYT 500
Healthy Heart #GoRedGetFit
A social media initiative aims to educate and inspire positive change in diet and exercise habits and to promote heart health among multicultural women.
By Diana Price

The War Room

Living and Thriving with Cancer

Cancer Survivorship: Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
Cancer inevitably stirs up many feelings. It’s normal to become anxious or stressed-out, and many patients and family members face feelings of depression.
By Barrie Cassileth, MS, PhD
Patients Rising: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
When Jennifer Hinkel was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lym­phoma in 1998 at the age of 17, her life as she knew it came to a standstill: from her daily routine to her long-term plans, her world was transformed as she took on the fight of her life.
By Terry Wilcox
First Descents
A unique nonprofit organization pro­vides young adult cancer patients with opportunities for rewarding challenge in awe-inspiring settings that foster transformative personal growth.
By Diana Price
Faces of Hope: Ovarian Cancer Advocates Speak Out
Ovarian cancer survivors share their stories to provide inspiration and en­courage awareness of early detection.
Turbulence and Transformation: The Real Story of Caregiving
Providing care for a loved one diagnosed with a serious illness can pose significant challenges, but there are steps you can take to make it an enlightening journey.
By John Leifer
It’s in the Genes
Advances in genetic testing are offering women more information than ever before about their genetic makeup and are providing opportunities for empowered decision-making related to a wide range of health issues.
By Shivani Nazareth, CGC, and Caroline Lieber

Every Woman’s Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and Around the World

Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep Habits
Getting Regular Sleep Isn’t Easy
By Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr., MD
Autoimmune Disease All the Signs they Cannot See
Living with an autoimmune disease often means managing a variety of symptoms that are invisible—but debilitating.
By Monica Richey, MSN, ANP-BC/GNP
Living with RA: Build Your Body Image from the Inside Out
Living with a chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis can present challenges to body image.
By Sheree C. Carter, PhD, RN
Managing IBS: The Mind-gut Connection
Cognitive behavioral therapy can help women living with irritable bowel syndrome manage anxiety and improve overall well-being.
By Diana Price
Be Skin Aware
Exercise caution when using dermatology websites and apps, and know who’s providing your care.
By Carrie Kovarik, MD, FAAD

Spirit House

Tending to the Soul

Writing the Narrative of Illness
The practice of writing can be a valuable therapeutic tool in the face of illness and trauma.
By Judith Hannan
Compliments: Accept the Gift with Grace
Why is it so hard to listen to nice things about yourself?
By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM
Finding Balance: Scenes from a Family
For many women, juggling professional success and family life presents challenges. Bringing home the skills that serve you in the workplace might just help you organize your life at home.
By Sarah Shaw, MEd, BCBA