Spring 2012

Special Section Lung Cancer

Matching the Treatment to the Tumor
More-targeted and more-individualized treatment for non–small cell lung cancer becomes a reality.
By Kari Bohlke, ScD
Profiles in Advocacy
Lung Cancer Alliance advocates are passionate about raising awareness of lung cancer.
Elderly Lung Cancer Patients May Benefit from Combination Chemotherapy
Many NSCLC cases occur in people over the age of 70, but there is limited information about how best to treat older patients.
Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer
What is molecular testing, and why is it important for people with lung cancer?
Jill’s Legacy
Jillian Costello was, by all accounts, an inspiring and passionate young woman.
Living Well in the Present
Living and thriving through the blessings of exercise and family
5 Things All Women Should Know About Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is sometimes referred to as the “invisible” cancer.


Turning Pain into Purpose
Actress and activist Fran Drescher draws on her personal experiance and passion for change to lead a revolution in women’s health.
By Diana Price
Facing Fibromyalgia
With the right treatment, individuals can live well with fibromyalgia.
By Laurie Wertich
An Ounce of Prevention
When it comes to skin cancer, the best defense is a good offense.
By Laurie Wertich

Body Wise

Nutrition and Exercise

A Plant-Based Diet Offers Great Benefits
What is a plant-based diet?
By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition, California Health & Longevity Institute
Stretch Yourself
Stretching can help keep you fit and flexible.
By Laurie Wertich
Naturally Delicious
Ready to embrace cooking with natural foods but not sure where to start? Cookbook author Heidi Swanson offers insight into building a natural-foods pantry and creating delicious, nutritious meals.
By Diana Price
Exercise & Pollution
Minimize pollution exposure for maximum fitness benefit.
By Ann Bloom
Electrolyte Drinks: Separating the Health from the Hype
Do you need a sugary electrolyte drink after exercise—or ever?
What’s So Super about Supergreens?
Go green and reap the benefits of these nutritious foods.

The War Room

Living and Thriving with Cancer

She Wrote the Book . . . on Advanced Breast Cancer
Having experienced firsthand the need for a comprehensive resource for women facing breast cancer recurrence, one survivor makes it her personal mission to bring the necessary information to patients.
Cancer Patients Want You to Know
Lung cancer survivor and author Lori Hope provides insight from cancer patients about what family and friends can do—and what they should not do—when a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer.
By Lori Hope
Fertility Q&A Ovarian Tissue Freezing
An emerging method of fertility preservation offers hope for women with cancer.
By Karine Chung, MD, MSCE
Demystifying DCIS Breast Cancer
Test seeks to predict prognosis and guide treatment decisions.
By Kari Bohlke, ScD
Bone Up on Bone Health
Though many women are aware that bone health is an important health topic, many breast cancer patients are unaware of the connection between bone health and cancer. Board-certified oncologist Wayne Keiser, MD, offers important information for cancer patients.
Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care
An ongoing series highlighting complementary therapies
By Barrie R. Cassileth, MS, PhD
Q&A Cancer Rehab Can Help You Heal
If you are a cancer survivor, there’s a good chance that you’ve been discharged from treatment without a referral for cancer rehabilitation.
With Julie Silver, MD

Spirit House

Tending to the Soul

Seek, Learn, Grow
A trip to the Sun Valley Wellness Festival offers insight and inspiration— and plenty of stunning views.
By Diana Price
Hope on Wheels
One young survivor joins forces with Hyundai Motor America to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.
By Diana Price
Tapping Into Your Best Self
Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. —Dr. Seuss
By C.J. Golden
Seize the Season
So, you’ve made it through the holidays and, depending on where you live, winter. Spring is here.
Retreat to Renew
Take a retreat to renew a sense of peace and centeredness.
Can Prayer Defuse Anger?
Saying a prayer may reduce angry feelings.
Move Your Mood from Bad to Good
Turn your mood around with these simple steps.

Hear Me Roar

Women Share Their Personal Stories

Meet Our Friends!
Most survivors will tell you that a cancer diagnosis can impose a sense of isolation.
The Lesson
Listening to a perfect stranger tell you over the phone that you have cancer is pretty weird: “You have a very early stage of cancer.
By Kathleen Uberuaga
Decoding Annie Parker
A cancer survivor’s personal mission to educate others about genetic testing brings her story to the big screen.
By Diana Price

Every Woman’s Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and Around the World

Facing Fibromyalgia
With the right treatment, individuals can live well with fibromyalgia.
By Laurie Wertich
An Ounce of Prevention
When it comes to skin cancer, the best defense is a good offense.
By Laurie Wertich

Find Your Way

Taking the Mystery out of the Medical System

Start with Style
There is no doubt that cancer changes everything.
By Stacy London
Ask The Doctor: Young Adults and Cancer
Young adults face unique emotional challenges in the wake of a cancer diagnosis. Now treatment centers are increasingly offering special resources and tools to help these patients cope with cancer.