September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

PrintWhat do you know about ovarian cancer? Do you know there is no test for ovarian cancer, and that a Pap test does not detect the disease? There are symptoms, which are subtle, that can mimic those of unrelated conditions. Termed “the silent killer,” it continues to be the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers.

According to the American Cancer Society, a woman’s risk of getting ovarian cancer in her lifetime is approximately 1 in 75. This year, it is estimated that 21,000 women will receive a new diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, and 14,000 will die. According to the National Cancer Institute, only 44% of women survive 5 years or more after being diagnosed with this insidious disease. The lack of a proper diagnostic tool to detect the disease, coupled with vague symptoms, lead to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer most often in later stages, when the prognosis is poor.

However, if diagnosed early, ovarian cancer is treatable. The key to early diagnosis is awareness. It is imperative, that the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are recognized and considered, not only by women, but by their loved ones, and medical providers.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

  • bloating or sudden weight gain
  • abdominal pain
  • trouble eating or feeling full quickly, and
  • feeling the need to urinate urgently or often

If these symptoms persist more than 2-3 weeks, it is suggested that a woman see her doctor. If ovarian cancer is suspected, it is recommended that a woman visit a gynecologic oncologist prior to surgery.

For nearly 25 years, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, an IRS designated 501(c)3 organization, through its more than 20 chapter offices nationwide, has been working hard in our communities to fund research, raise awareness, and promote education about Ovarian Cancer, and improve the quality of life for Survivors. NOCC is deeply committed to its Mission, which is to save lives by fighting tirelessly to prevent and cure ovarian cancer, and to improve the quality of life for survivors.  With national scope, NOCC’s work and dedication support the following signature areas of focus:

  • Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer®

This event, hosted by more than 20 NOCC chapter offices in communities nationwide, raises awareness about ovarian cancer, honors Survivors, and pays tribute to those lost to the disease. Please join us by participating in one of the NOCC signature Run/Walk events near you.

  • Faces of Hope®

This survivorship and quality of life program provides current information, hope, and support to women with ovarian cancer, their families and loved ones.

  • Take Early Action and Live®

Initiatives dedicated to promoting education about the disease include Speaker’s Bureau, Why Teal? and the production and distribution of educational literature about ovarian cancer, treatment, and quality of life issues.

  • RESEARCH • IN • ACTION InitiativeSM

In addition to programs and initiatives nationwide, NOCC has affirmed our commitment to our research platform with our newest RESEARCH • IN • ACTION Initiative. In collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer, OCNA and OCRF, NOCC is supporting the new Ovarian Cancer Dream Team, and the promise of leading-edge, ovarian cancer research!

Please visit for important information and resources, and how you can get involved! Also, follow us on social media using #nocc, #whyteal, #gotteald, and #noccrunwalk. Together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch!