Lost in the Middle: Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer

In the landscape of life experience, it is pretty clear that ages 15 to 39 represent a transformative time—a time of transition from childhood to adulthood; a period of dramatic, life-shaping events and self-discovery; and an intense time of rapid and significant physical, mental, and emotional change. When a young adult is diagnosed with cancer during these years, the resulting physical and emotional impacts are unique, affecting bodies and minds and social experience in a profound way that sets this group apart from both younger (pediatric) patients and older adults. For this reason the oncology community has come to identify this population as adolescent and young adult (AYA), and it is increasingly working to provide treatment and services that meet the unique needs of this group.

This special section offers insight into the young adult experience with cancer, including clinical advances, survivor experiences, and advocacy efforts.

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer: An Overview

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