Healthy Living

Making a conscious decision to embrace healthy lifestyle choices and overall wellness can provide immediate and long-term physical and emotional benefits. Proactive choices toward health and wellness might include seeking preventive care and screening, integrating more fruits, vegetables and whole foods into your diet, maintaining an exercise routine, nurturing a spiritual practice, or seeking counseling to alleviate emotional stress. Mindful choices like these can benefit all of us in our daily lives, whether we hope to help manage a chronic illness or just generally improve our overall well-being.

  • Bone Health

    • Bone-building recipes
      Italian Sardine Spread Sardines contain a whopping 372 milligrams of calcium in just 3 ounces, and they are also a great source of boron. The mayonnaise in this recipe provides vitamin B12, and the olive oil is a key source of vanadium. All of these nutrients are building blocks for bones.
  • Career and Finances

    • Saving with Purpose
      We all know the importance of saving money for a rainy day, but what is the best way to save and how do you use what you have saved? Effective saving is not as simple as depositing money into a savings account—but it doesn’t have to be complicated either.
  • Fitness

    • Toned Muscles May Help Prevent Diabetes
      There are a number of reasons to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine, including toned muscles, leaner appearance, improved strength, increased metabolism, reduced risk of osteoporosis—and now a reduced risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.
  • General Health

    • Say Goodbye to Hot Flashes
      The hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause can be irritating and downright debilitating, but new research may bring relief. British scientists have reported that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may help ease hot flashes.
  • Mind-Body Health

    • Beat Stress Away
      Sometimes, despite our best efforts at prevention, stress can build up and bubble over. When all else fails, perhaps it’s time to bang on a drum. That’s right, drumming has been shown to relieve stress and improve the immune system.
  • Nutrition

    • Are Energy Bars Healthy?
      Energy bars were once designed to provide quick energy during exercise, but they have since become a convenient snack or meal replacement. Are these snacks healthy or are they nothing more than a candy bar dressed up as health food?
  • Parenting

    • Easter Alternatives
      Easter doesn’t have to be synonymous with candy. In fact, with a little planning, the Easter Bunny can get creative and create a healthy, fun, candy-free celebration that will leave you all feeling resurrected.
  • Skin and Beauty

    • Skin Deep
      Your skin also serves as a sort of early warning system for everything that is going on inside of your body. In fact, your skin is talking to you all of the time. But are you listening to what it has to tell you?