Fall 2016

The fall 2016 issue of Women magazine honors breast cancer awareness with an inspiring Q&A with journalist and author Joan Lunden, as well as an in-depth look at advances made in treating metastatic breast cancer. The issue also includes insight into when to visit a gastroenterologist, the impact of exercise on bone health, and understanding available genetic testing options. Informative content related to rheumatoid arthritis, reproductive health, and menopause are also included, as are mind-body topics.


Metastatic Breast Cancer: Progress and Hope
As cancer treatment enters a new era of personalized medi­cine, progress and hope have become a new mantra for those diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC).
By Jennifer Murar-Maxon, RN, BSN
Proud Purpose: Q&A with Joan Lunden
Joan Lunden shares her personal perspective on how a cancer diagnosis has propelled her to become an advocate for cancer survivors and to recommit to health and wellness in her own life.
By Amy Gibson
Defying Age… And Cancer?
Certain new anti-aging skin treatments may have cancer prevention benefits.
By Heather Stringer
When It’s Time to See a Gastroenterologist
Expert insight can help pinpoint the culprit in your digestive woes.
By Susan Kreimer

Body Wise

Nutrition and Exercise

Healthy Eating on a Budget
By making a few mindful changes, you can be sure to eat well and healthfully on a budget.
By Heidi Reichenberger McIndoo, MS, RD, LDN
Soups On
Rebecca Katz’s new collection of healing recipes provides nutrients to soothe the body and soul.
By Diana Price
No More Exercise Excuses
Overcome these common barriers to exercise and reap the physical and mental rewards of consistent activity.
By Diana Price
Learn and Move for Healthy Bones
Understanding essential facts about osteoporosis and engaging in regular bone-building exercise are key to maintaining bone health as we age.
By Joan Pagano

The War Room

Living and Thriving with Cancer

Cancer Survivorship: Insomnia and Sleep Disturbance
Many cancer patients face sleep problems, such as difficulty fall­ing asleep, frequent nighttime waking, rising too early in the morning, or excessive sleeping during the day.
By Barrie Cassileth, MS, PhD
Patients Rising Voices of Value Lisa Goldman
An all-too-common symptom of a delayed lung cancer diagnosis has spurred one patient to lend her voice to patient advocacy efforts.
By Terry Wilcox
Personalized Medicine: Access Is Power
Personalized medicine has the potential to save women’s lives, but not if they can’t access it.
By Stacey L. Worthy, Esq.
What Every Woman Should Know about Prostate Cancer
Become an empowered partner by learning about this common cancer type.
By John Leifer

Every Woman’s Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and Around the World

It’s in the Genes
Genetic Testing Tutorial
By Shivani Nazareth and Caroline Lieber
Ask the Nurse: Fatigue, Pain, and Related Depression with RA
Carrie Beach, RN, BSN, answers questions about how fatigue and pain can lead to depression for those living with rheumatoid arthritis.
By Carrie Beach, RN, BSN
Write Away the Pain
Finding an expressive path can help you come to terms with chronic illness and forge an identity in the face of pain.
By Ashley Boynes-Shuck
Managing Skin Conditions in Pregnancy 
Dermatologists can provide pregnant patients with safe, effective treatments for eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
By Jenny Eileen Murase, MD, FAAD
Annual Order: Talk to Your Doc
The focus of your gynecologic exam will evolve as you age. Talking openly with your OB/GYN during your annual visit will ensure that you get what you need at your stage of life.
By Diana Price
Make a Healthy Move: City Health Rankings
Over 60 and thinking of finding a new hometown? Learn how evaluating a city’s health ranking data can help you make the best move.
By Carol Marak
Managing Hot Flashes: A Return to Basics
Healthy lifestyle choices can go a long way toward managing or eliminating hot flashes, no matter your age or stage in life.
By Diana Bitner, MD

Spirit House

Tending to the Soul

Life Coach: What Can You Learn from a Lobster?
A lobster? Really? Hang in with me here. We’re going to get somewhere with this.
By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM
Finding Balance: From Virtual Reality to Actual Reality
Help your kids move away from the screen and immerse themselves in their tangible surroundings to thrive.
By Sarah Shaw Lopano, MED, BCBA
7 Ways Gardening Is an Exercise in Mindfulness
Have you ever wondered why your first glimpse of a patch of crocuses each spring elicits happiness?
By Martha Brettschneider
The Power in the Pivot
Rewriting your personal narrative at midlife takes courage, but the rewards are worth the challenge.
By Gay Kenney Browne