Fall 2015

The fall issue of Women magazine offers a personal look women’s struggles with infertility, as well as an in-depth features describing personalized medicine, the wide-ranging medical uses of botox, ankylosing spondylitis, and advances in breast cancer treatment, among many other clinical and wellness topics.



Precision Medicine
Patients see benefits as cancer care continues to evolve.
By Susan Kreimer
Infertility: A Hidden Struggle
Women who experience infertility face an intense emotional journey, often unacknowledged, as they navigate the road to parenthood.
By Diana Price
Beyond Botox
A once-feared toxin finds wide-ranging medical uses.
By Sharon Reynolds
True Calling: Turn Your Passion into your Profession
Three women find passion and purpose through transforming their professional lives.
By Maryann Hammers

Body Wise

Nutrition and Exercise

Eating For a Healthy Weight
How much are we really supposed to eat? Do calories really count, and exactly how many are women supposed to consume each day?
By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition California Health & Longevity Institute
Grab a Group: Exercise Trends and Classes
Fitness classes and small group exercise offerings provide challenge and community.
By Diana Price
Build a Better Breakfast
You’ve heard it a million times: start your day off right with a nutritious breakfast. Your mama told you; doctors and dietitians agree.
By Maryann Hammers
Seven Spoons: Cookbook Review and Recipes
An inventive cookbook by Tara O’Brady offers recipes that reach and reflect.
Treadmill Desks Can Be Good For Your Health—
Just Don’t Let Productivity Slip
By Mia James
Is a Vegetarian Diet Better for Your Health?
When it comes to diet and nutrition, there is no end of advice—often conflicting and confusing.
By Mia James
The Ups and Downs of Sharing Your Fitness Activity on Social Media
Social fitness tools—websites and mobile apps that record elements of our workouts, such as distance, route, time, and more and allow us to post these details online—are everywhere.
By Mia James

The War Room

Living and Thriving with Cancer

Cancer Survivorship: Fatigue
Fatigue is a common issue for many cancer patients.
By Barrie Cassileth, PhD
Know the Facts: Uterine Cancer
Understand the risks and symptoms of and treatment for uterine cancer.
By Chad Hamilton, MD
Share the Story: Uterine Cancer Advocacy
As national spokesperson for the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, Camille Grammer is committed to fighting gynecologic cancer.
By Karen Bate
Breast Cancer Updates
Two recent advances in breast cancer treatment offer patients guidance and additional therapy options.
Lymphedema and Exercise
Exercise and fitness train­ing provide valuable ben­efits for patients during and after cancer treat­ment.
By Carol Michaels

Every Woman’s Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and Around the World

More than A Bit of Back Pain: Ankylosing Spondylitis
Women can suffer for years before being diagnosed with this chronic inflammation of the spine.
By David Borenstein, MD
IBD: Support is Key
The IBD Support Foundation fills the gap in sup­port services for patients and families confront­ing inflammatory bowel disease.
By Diana Price
A New Role: A Young RA Advocate Makes Her Mark
An actress shares her person­al journey with rheumatoid arthritis to offer the comfort of community to other patients.
By Diana Price
The Current State of Hepatitis
Hepatitis remains a global and domestic health problem, but the outlook is improving with new treatments and awareness.
By Mia James
Adopting a New Direction in Dementia Care
Changing the mind-set, changing the outcome
By Kerry Mills, MPA

Spirit House

Tending to the Soul

If at First You Don’t Succeed: Lessons Learned from “Other” Results
So, it didn’t work out the way you expected. What do you do now?
By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM
5 Ways the Positive Feedback Loop Will Rock Your Life
The phrase positive feed­back loop is actually a scientific term that I am overlapping with human psychology and the im­pact the concept can have on your everyday life.
By Mia Adler Ozair
Soothe: Creating Calm in Every Day Life
In an excerpt from his new book, award-winning pianist and songwriter Jim Brickman, known for his peaceful, inspiring music, shares what he learned when he sought calm beyond the keyboard.