Fall 2011

Marlo Thomas has made a career of promoting positive change, and now she brings her story—which includes her role as National Outreach Director for St. Jude Children’s research hospital—to our pages. In addition, this issue includes features devoted to breast cancer risk and screening, an in-depth look at heart health, a discussion of radiation exposure, and a special section devoted to ovarian cancer among many others.


Your Bra Is Not the Problem
Breast Cancer Risk Factors, Fact and Fiction
By Kari Bohlke, ScD
Special Section: Ovarian Cancer

Q & A For Newly Diagnosed Patients

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Survivor Profile Jackie Dandridge

The Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research

Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors

The Queen of Hearts Foundation

One of the Tribe
Marlo Thomas’ groundbreaking career ref lects her deeply felt sense of community and her desire to create positive change.
By Diana Price
Have a Healthy Heart
Prevention is the best line of defense against heart disease.
By Laurie Wertich
Radiation 101
Learn when it’s safe and when it’s not and how to avoid dangerous exposures.
By Mia James

Body Wise

Nutrition and Exercise

Eat Well, Be Well: Omega-3: The Fountain of Youth?
With the wide variety of supplements and procedures marketed to make people look and feel younger, you may be wondering if it’s all hype or if science actually endorses any of these options.
By Paulette Lambert
Exercise and Illness
Know when to exercise and when to rest.
By Laurie Wertich
Five Fall Foods for Feasting
Add these fall foods to your pantry for flavor and nutrition.
By Laurie Wertich
body wise the more you know

Women, Alcohol, and Sleep

Changing Season? Change Your Skin Care.

Building a Better Breakfast

The War Room

Living and Thriving with Cancer

Silent No More: Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer Surveyed
What have you heard lately about breast cancer?
By Musa Mayer/em>
Breast Cancer Screening: Mammography in the Spotlight
Although the idea of cancer screening seems simple and has intuitive appeal—catch the cancer before symptoms develop, treat it, and improve outcomes—the reality is more complex
By Kari Bohlke, ScD
ASCO 2011
Annual meeting brings together cancer experts from around the world.
By Kari Bohlke, ScD
Breast-Feeding after Breast Cancer
Breast-feeding can be a challenge even under the best of circumstances.
By Gina m. shaw
Coping with Hair Loss with Style During Cancer Treatment
Q&A with Frédéric Fekkai
By Frédéric Fekkai

Spirit House

Tending to the Soul

Learning to resolve conflict is an important skill that will ultimately benefit many aspects of your life.
By Denise King Gillingham, MSW, CPCC
Building a Foundation for Health
Nurture your spirit to nourish yourself.
By Ann Bloom
Kids Kicking Cancer
Young cancer patients learn powerful mind-body techniques to relieve pain and stress—and teach adults to do the same.
By Diana Price
Detach from Pain
Meditation may reduce pain.

Hear Me Roar

Women Share Their Personal Stories

A shared diagnosis of cancer builds a bridge, but the disease may have the final word.
By Christine Wilson

Every Woman’s Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and around the World

Younger by the Hour
Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures deliver results with less risk and recovery time than surgery.
By Mia James
From Doctor to Patient
A dermatologist is diagnosed with melanoma.
By Elizabeth Tanzi, MD
Vitamin D in Health and Reproduction
An epidemic of vitamin D deficiency has been emerging over the past decade among all racial groups in the United States.
By Kristin Bendikson, MD, and Briana Rudick, MD

Find Your Way

Taking the Mystery out of the Medical System

Finding Doctor Right
Take the time to choose the right match for your healthcare needs.
By Laurie Wertich
ask the doctor
10 Tips for Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection