When You’re The Parent

Your Kids, Your Life, Your Health
Women are making important healthcare decisions for their families every day. In this department, we cover personal stories of parents who may have experienced healthcare challenges with their children; we offer resources and book reviews for parents who are looking to educate themselves about issues related to health and parenting; and we provide inspiring profiles of organizations dedicated to pediatric health issues.


By Diana Price Cancer is a scary and emotional topic. It can be especially overwhelming to kids. They can feel frightened and unsure of how to respond, whether they are confronting a diagnosis in their own family, that of a friend, or just fear about the disease itself. For many kids, becoming involved in a […]

Transcending Grief

One mother’s tragic loss sparks her desire to make a difference. By Diana Price Three years ago Pam Picchietti’s world turned upside down. In May 2006 the married mother of two from suburban Chicago faced every parent’s nightmare when her then-17-year-old son, Brian—a vibrant, active young man who played varsity baseball and excelled at school—was […]

My Little Waiting Room

By Diana Price Amy Paterson was 34 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she underwent subsequent treatment, the mom of a toddler son was confronted with the problem that so many cancer patients who are also parents face: finding child care that would allow her to get to all of her necessary medical […]

Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation

When Jill Albert was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, she and her husband, Jon, made a decision: creating happy, vibrant memories of their family life would be their priority. Their children deserved memories that were not wrapped up in cancer treatment or anxiety or fear; they deserved normal, joyful memories of time spent together […]

Talk to Me

By Diana Price When a parent or grandparent is diagnosed with cancer, families often struggle with how to talk with kids about the disease, the treatment, and all the surrounding issues. Decisions about when to share the news, which details to discuss, and how to talk about the future can seem daunting for parents or […]