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Living and Thriving with Cancer
The latest developments in cancer prevention, treatment, and research play a central role in each issue of Women. We want our readers to know what therapies are available and what drugs may be an option in the future so that they can make informed, empowered decisions about their own health and the health of their loved ones.

Cancer Survivorship: Insomnia and Sleep Disturbance

By Barrie Cassileth, MS, PhD Many cancer patients face sleep problems, such as difficulty fall­ing asleep, frequent nighttime waking, rising too early in the morning, or excessive sleeping during the day. Such symptoms may occur in more than 70 percent of people with can­cer. Stress and anxiety about one’s diagnosis, side effects of treatment, and […]

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Progress and Hope

By Jennifer Murar-Maxon, RN, BSN As cancer treatment enters a new era of personalized medi­cine, progress and hope have become a new mantra for those diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). For many patients living with MBC, their focus is on living each day with quality, coupled with the under­standing that novel treatments are now […]

First Descents

A unique nonprofit organization pro­vides young adult cancer patients with opportunities for rewarding challenge in awe-inspiring settings that foster transformative personal growth. By Diana Price In 2012 when Amber Vance first heard about First Descents (FD), an organization provid­ing outdoor adventure experiences free of charge to young adult cancer fighters and survivors, her initial response […]

Patients Rising: Voices of Value

By Terry Wilcox When Jennifer Hinkel was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lym­phoma in 1998 at the age of 17, her life as she knew it came to a standstill: from her daily routine to her long-term plans, her world was transformed as she took on the fight of her life. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, Jennifer […]

Faces of Hope: Ovarian Cancer Advocates Speak Out

Ovarian cancer survivors share their stories to provide inspiration and en­courage awareness of early detection. For many years ovarian cancer has been referred to as “the silent killer” due to its vague, ignored, or misdiagnosed symp­toms. Because of this and the lack of ear­ly-detection tools, ovarian cancer often goes undiagnosed until it has reached the […]

Turbulence and Transformation: The Real Story of Caregiving

Providing care for a loved one diagnosed with a serious illness can pose significant challenges, but there are steps you can take to make it an enlightening journey. By John Leifer For many of us, life flows unabated until certain events intrude and turn our world upside down. It may be a diagnosis of cancer […]

It’s in the Genes: Top 5 Things to Know about Genetic Testing

Advances in genetic testing are offering women more information than ever before about their genetic makeup and are providing opportunities for empowered decision-making related to a wide range of health issues. In this recurring column, experts provide vital information about how genetic testing suits one’s individual needs, potential risks and benefits, and the role of […]

Advances offer Promise for Multiple Myeloma Patients

With a growing number of treatment options, the out­look is improving for patients with this blood cancer. By Mia James Una Wilson initially thought that the early signs of multiple my­eloma (MM) were the result of a pulled muscle in her back. At the time, the software developer from Seattle, Washington, and native of Ireland […]

Get a Second Opinion: Seek, Listen, Learn

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, seeking a second opinion will allow you to learn more about your cancer type and make truly informed decisions about treatment. By Charles H Weaver, MD Getting a second opinion is an important part of becoming educated about a cancer diag­nosis and treatment options, and all cancer patients should […]

Patients Rising: Voices of Value

Megan Sullivan never expected to be the face of a skin cancer diagnosis. By Terry Wilcox In 2014, after plummet­ing 50 feet from the side of a mountain at Yosemite Nation­al Park and jumping off her Ves­pa to avoid a car, Megan Sullivan finished off the two-week string of bad luck with an unexpected skin […]