Spirit House

Tending to the Soul
In each issue of Women, we look for inspirational people and practices that will highlight the way different women care for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. “Spirit House” might include profiles of inspiring nonprofit organizations, features describing various spiritual practices, instructions for creating sacred spaces or healing gardens, advice from a life coach, or personal stories of spiritual journeys. Throughout “Spirit House,” it is our hope that women will take a moment to remember the value of caring for their emotional and spiritual selves as they care for their physical bodies.

Getaway Guide

Take time to recharge this summer at a camp or retreat. By Diana Price Do you have fond memories of singing around a campfire, waking in a tent or cabin to the cool quiet of summer woods, or the satisfaction of mastering a tricky sailing knot or craft challenge? Maybe you never made it to […]

10 Tips for Mental Health

By Mia Adler Ozair Recent statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that approxi­mately 26.2 percent of all adults over the age of 18 in the United States alone suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. That is more than one in every four adults, and it does not count those who have troubles […]

Seeing is Believing

Have a goal? Need a change? Let an inspiration board guide the way. By Maryann Hammers  Barbara Savin, a clinical hypnotherapist and meditation instructor, has made a career out of helping people achieve their goals. She frequently tells her cli­ents, “Whatever you focus on, that is what you bring into your life.” Inspiration boards—collages of […]

Growth Through Change

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM I remember years ago my father said to me, “The only thing constant in life is change.” We change with each breath we take and with every moment we live. In fact, your body is not the same as it was when you started reading this article; you […]

For Optimal Health, Savor Your Life

By Michael Finkelstein, MD Whether we suffer from common ail­ments like in­somnia, high cholesterol, and allergies or chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and fibromy­algia, our health challenges interfere with our ability to enjoy our lives. The specifics of our respective health challenges affect our lives in differ­ent ways and to different extents. For this […]

Empathy: The Molecule That Binds Us in a Relationship

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Merriam-Webster defines empathy as “the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experi­encing the feelings, thoughts, and experi­ence of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully com­municated in an objectively explicit manner; also: the capacity for […]

Volunteer To Boost Your Health And Well-Being

It feels good to do good—to offer your time, skills, and effort for a cause you believe in or a person in need. It also turns out that volunteering truly is good for you, and there’s even research to prove it. Healthcare company Unit­edHealth Group’s 2013 Health and Volunteering Study, “Doing Good Is Good for […]

Be Here Now

Learn to be emotionally present to life’s challenges. By Jennifer L. Kunst, PhD There is a wish in all of us to be able to get around troubles in life rather than go through them. If only we could skip from the beginning to the end without having to go through the middle. If only […]

Use Your Head To Soothe Your Body

Stuck in a rut? Overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed? You may be able to pull yourself out of a funk, reduce stress, and feel more centered with a simple mind-body technique called visualization. Think of visualization as a virtual vacation. By imagining—or visualizing— a safe, pleasant, calm place, you can whisk away worries. “It could be […]

Stress Can Have Serious Consequences

We live in a culture that treats busy like a badge of honor and stress as a fact of life. Stress might be commonplace, but it shouldn’t be the norm—and it turns out it could have lasting consequences.