Spirit House

Tending to the Soul
In each issue of Women, we look for inspirational people and practices that will highlight the way different women care for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. “Spirit House” might include profiles of inspiring nonprofit organizations, features describing various spiritual practices, instructions for creating sacred spaces or healing gardens, advice from a life coach, or personal stories of spiritual journeys. Throughout “Spirit House,” it is our hope that women will take a moment to remember the value of caring for their emotional and spiritual selves as they care for their physical bodies.

Life Coach: The Stories We Tell

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Many stories start out with Once upon a time… And then there are the stories that we create in our heads—the stories that determine how we react to people and events. Often they have very little to do with the objective truth, but we make them our truth. […]

Spiritual Travel: A Journey of Discovery

Spiritual travel is attracting travelers inspired to seek deeper knowledge of themselves and the world around them. By Diana Price Spiritual seeking has long inspired travel. The act of pilgrimage, or journeying to a sa­cred place that has spir­itual significance, is an age-old practice. More broadly, the opportu­nity that contemplative journeys provide to discover inner […]

Resolution Redo

Revise your goal-setting process for optimal results. By Kristen M. Carpenter, PhD Director, Women’s Behavioral Health Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Psychology, Obstetrics and GynecologyThe Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center After the merriment has been made and gifts have been exchanged, the end of the year becomes a time of re­flection and renewal. […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed: Lessons Learned from “Other” Results

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM So, it didn’t work out the way you expected. What do you do now? Take a minute to think about the last time you tried something and did not get the result you wanted or anticipated. Maybe you were speaking to a teen­ager or grandchild who misinter­preted what […]

True Calling: Turn Your Passion into your Profession

Three women find passion and purpose through transforming their professional lives. By Maryann Hammers No matter how carefully you plan your ca­reer, how well you prepare for it, how hard you work at it, and how much you love it—at some point it may be time for a change. Perhaps you were handed a pink […]

5 Ways the Positive Feedback Loop Will Rock Your Life

By Mia Adler Ozair The phrase positive feed­back loop is actually a scientific term that I am overlapping with human psychology and the im­pact the concept can have on your everyday life. Although it is a scien­tific term, it’s not rocket science— in fact, it’s actually pretty simple. When you experience positive feed­back from any […]

Soothe: Creating Calm in Every Day Life

In an excerpt from his new book, award-winning pianist and songwriter Jim Brickman, known for his peaceful, inspiring music, shares what he learned when he sought calm beyond the keyboard. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a spa, you feel the tension begin to melt away before you even have a treatment? […]

Happy Mind, Healthy Body

Five easy ways to achieve mind-body wellness. By Maryann Hammers Long-distance runner Beth Weinstein remembers a particularly grueling 50K trail race last year. “I was undertrained, tired, in tons of pain,” she recalls. “It was muddy and wet from heavy rain—many runners didn’t finish.” But Beth wasn’t about to give up. So, she began repeating […]

Step Away From the Phone

By Maryann Hammers Justine Beauregard and her husband were sitting on the couch, watching television. Quality time together, right? Justine thought so— until her husband glanced at her, clearly annoyed. “Are you planning on spending time with me, or will you be on your phone all night?” he asked. “[My phone use] was putting a […]

In Praise of Networking

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM What do you think when you hear the term networking? Some of us may think about jobs, computers, or resources— the list is long. But all of these things have something in common: they are focused on sharing or exchanging information. Networking creates opportunities and broadens our possibilities. […]