Spirit House

Tending to the Soul
In each issue of Women, we look for inspirational people and practices that will highlight the way different women care for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. “Spirit House” might include profiles of inspiring nonprofit organizations, features describing various spiritual practices, instructions for creating sacred spaces or healing gardens, advice from a life coach, or personal stories of spiritual journeys. Throughout “Spirit House,” it is our hope that women will take a moment to remember the value of caring for their emotional and spiritual selves as they care for their physical bodies.

Building a Foundation for Health

Regardless of religious affiliation, most of us recognize that we have a deeper part of ourselves that needs our care and attention. Some may refer to it as spirit, soul, higher self, inner child, or countless other names. It doesn’t matter what you name it; what matters is that you acknowledge and nurture it.

Is Your Relationship Haunted?

Understanding how past experiences can influence the tone and the progress of your current relationship can help you share and grow. By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Have you ever noticed that weather has an effect on your mood? Many of us feel happier or more cheerful on sunny days, whereas cloudy skies can […]

Finding Peace and Quiet in a Noisy World

Noise can be as harmful as secondhand smoke

The Friendship Factor

Female friendship is so important

Deepak Chopra’s Top Tips to Reduce Stress

By Katie Morell Think back to the last day you did not make a to-do list. Are you at a loss? If so, you are like most women: perpetually busy and often stressed. “Stress is an issue for women; they are struggling with more than one career,” says Deepak Chopra, MD, world-renown author, internal medicine […]

Marry Like You Mean It

Making room for marriage in your very crowded life By Jessica Huddy When life does not offer stability, many of us hope that the foundation of our marriage, at least, will be a constant. But sometimes stability and boredom can seem like a package deal, and when partners don’t pay close attention, what begins as […]

Get Healthy by Hacking Your Bad Habits

Understanding how habits form can help you adopt new, healthier patterns and meet your health and wellness goals. By Alexandra Paul Habits make up about 40 percent of our daily life, so if you want to feel and look better, incorporating more healthy habits is key. So how can we get rid of our unhealthy […]

When Chores Become a Chore

Transform your interaction around family chores by reinforcing your kids’ behavior. By Shir Zion, MA If You’re a Parent, you’ve no doubt experienced it: the endless battles and excuses that arise when children are asked to do their chores. Many parents claim that their children don’t complete these tasks because they’re “lazy,” “rude,” or “just […]

Pivot Toward the Positive

Responding to a negative attitude by asking a simple question might yield surprising results. By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM My father is 90 years old, drives a car, and lives independently. As a World War II veteran and someone who lived through the Great Depression—  among other significant experiences—he has strong opinions. He […]

Life Coach: What Can You Learn from a Lobster?

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM A lobster? Really? Hang in with me here. We’re going to get somewhere with this. LOBSTERS NEVER STOP GROWING. They spend their lives in a continual cycle of developing and shedding their hard, inflexible shell to accommodate their expanding size. At each stage of growth, when they shed […]