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Darker Skin? Don’t Skip Steps in Skin Cancer Prevention.

By Omobola Onikoyi, MS At the first sign of summer after a harsh winter, our moods are enhanced by the bright rays of shining sun. We respond by switching out our winter wardrobes for summer clothing that offers up less coverage, trading in our knit sweaters for short sleeves and our heavy winter boots for […]

Sunscreen Savvy

Think using sunscreen is a no-brainer? You may be doing it all wrong (and putting your skin and health at risk).  By Maryann Hammers Nothing ages skin faster than sun damage. Using sunscreen is the easy, obvious solution. Proper sunscreen use can prevent not only wrinkles and lines, but also skin cancer, especially melanoma. This […]

Get the Most from Your Skin Care Products

The sequence in which you apply skin care products influences their effectiveness. By Susan C. Taylor, MD, FAAD Founding Director, Skin of Color Center St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals Consumers often spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a year on skin care products in an effort to improve the look of their skin. From […]

Spring Skin

You don’t have to stop with dusting and purging your house to reap the full benefits of spring cleaning. Your skin care regimen needs a boost, too. Here’s how to transition from winter to spring with fresh, fabulous skin.

Apps Put Expert Skincare Advice at Your Fingertips

Given the importance and delicacy of your skin, you’re likely coming up with questions to ask an expert—from which products are right for you to concerns about a suspicious mole. You may not be able to see your dermatologist for every question, but with a growing number of skincare apps available for your mobile device, access to expert input is increasingly available.

For Healthy Skin, Replace Makeup Regularly

Even if you know better, it can be hard to throw out older makeup. But when you start to think about bacteria that can build up when you use a product repeatedly for months or years and the risk of irritation or infection, periodically replacing your makeup makes a lot more sense.

End-of-Summer Skincare: Treating Sun Damage

Even with your best sun protection efforts and intentions, you may have gotten more exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays this summer than you’d like. Nothing frustrates those of us who know better than sunburn. But if you’re now surveying your skin for signs of damage, there is some good news: while prevention is always best […]

Skin Care Rules for Everyone

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to skin care. Different skin types require different regimens. However, there are a few simple general rules of skin care that we would all be wise to follow. If you want healthy, glowing skin, start with these simple steps to skin success and then build from there.

Fall Skin Care Tips

As the days grow shorter, the temperatures drop, and the air becomes drier, your skin may lose precious moisture. Autumn is a time of transition, and the best autumn skin care routines will correct any summer damage that has occurred and prepare your skin for winter.

Choosing the Right Facial Cleanser

The right facial cleanser is the foundation of your skin health and beauty routine. Taking into account your skin type—sensitive, oily, dry, or combination—and factors including your age and climate will help you choose a cleanser that will bring out the best in your skin.

Self-Tanner Tips

As we’re increasingly aware of the dangers of UV rays from both the sun and tanning booths, many of us are looking for a safer way to get that summer glow. Beauty aisles and counters are full of self-tanning creams and sprays—products designed to bronze our skin without UV exposure. But too many of us […]

Lay the Foundation for Healthy Skin

Good skin care is a smart idea for everyone, but it is especially important for those who have acne and rosacea.

Make Preventive Visits to a Skin Cancer Specialist a Priority

You can now add regular doctor visits to you list of skin cancer prevention and management strategies. Continue to slather on sunscreen, wear protective clothing, avoid midday sun, and examine your own skin regularly—but make sure you also book those medical check-ups.

Expert Tips to Ease Itch from Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

As summer approaches and we start to spend more time outside, we’re thinking about protecting our skin from the elements. Along with sunburn and insect bites, skin rash from poison ivy and the like is one of the perils of the great outdoors. But the threat of itchy skin shouldn’t keep you inside this summer—these […]

Skin Signs of Internal Illness

Dermatologists find that the skin offers a window to what is going on inside the body, and changes to the skin may signal a more serious health problem. The key is knowing how to spot these early-warning signs so that the internal disease can be successfully treated before it becomes a bigger problem.