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Cooking with Coconut

A new cookbook offers recipes and nutritional know-how to integrate this tropical superfood into your home cooking.  No longer limited to the novelty shelf in the produce section, coconut in myriad forms is popping up in every aisle in the grocery store: coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, and coconut flour are just […]

Plant Based Diets- A Modern Way to Eat

Plant-based dishes are the stars of this collection of practical, delicious recipes by Anna Jones When Anna Jones steps into her London kitchen to prepare food in the evening, the food stylist and cook is motivated by the same factors that drive so many of us today: she wants to create a meal that is […]

Modify Your Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing health concern, and lifestyle modifications can play a significant role in prevention. By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Diabetes is a chronic disease that has in­creased worldwide in the past decade, nearing epidemic proportions. Today nearly half the US population either has prediabetes or diabetes.1 The grow­ing prevalence of this debilitating con­dition […]

Citrus Shines this Season

As winter settles in for the long haul and the fresh tastes of summer gardens fade, don’t forget that winter harvests have their own magic. Citrus fruits shine this time of year, and a new cookbook by Valerie Aikman-Smith and Victoria Pearson  highlights the bright flavors and surprising versatility of  these fruits. Citrus: Sweet and […]

Stock the Pantry: Top 12 Foods to Improve Your Health

By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition, California Health & Longevity Institute Canned beans. Keep a variety of canned beans on hand (kidney, black, pinto, cannellini) for a quick and easy source of vegetarian protein. Rinse and drain them, then eat with brown rice and salsa, use to make your own hummus or bean […]

Inside the Nordic Kitchen

An authority in the culinary history of Scandinavia offers recipes and cultural insight. As winter fast approaches, the recipes in Fire & Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking by Darra Goldstein (Ten Speed Press, 2015; $40.00), which reflect the rich history and evolution of Scandinavian home-cooking, seem the perfect complement to chilly days and seasonal ingredients.  The […]

Healthy Holiday Eating Habits

While the holiday season can be stressful, it is also a wonderful and joyful season filled with fun social events. Your calendar may be full of holiday concerts, office parties, caroling, festivals, and cocktail parties. The drinks will flow and delicious treats abound, but the holidays don’t have to derail your diet.

Eating For a Healthy Weight

By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition California Health & Longevity Institute How much are we really supposed to eat? Do calories really count, and exactly how many are women supposed to consume each day? Yes, calories do count. Calories are units of energy, which, along with our activity level, determine what we weigh. […]

Build a Better Breakfast

By Maryann Hammers You’ve heard it a million times: start your day off right with a nutritious breakfast. Your mama told you; doctors and dietitians agree. “Skipping breakfast, or making it carb- or sugar-heavy, sets you up for cravings and crashes and low energy later on,” says Mary Purdy, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Bastyr […]

Seven Spoons: Cookbook Review and Recipes

An inventive cookbook by Tara O’Brady offers recipes that reach and reflect. Photos by Tara O’Brady It is easy to get stuck in a dinner rut. At our house the weekly rotation can become a repetitive cycle of nightly riffs on burritos, pasta, and salad, which, while basically accept­able and nutritious, gets old. Really old. […]

Have You Ever Been “Hangry”?

Many of us are all too fa¬miliar of the sensation of being “hangry” (hungry and angry)—the short fuse that is so easily set off when we’ve gone too long without a meal or snack. In this weary state, otherwise inconsequen¬tial upsets cause us to snap. We may feel anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed for no rational […]

Many Older Americans are at Risk of Malnutrition

You might be surprised to find the topic of malnutrition in the news. But it turns out that a large segment of our population, namely older Americans, is at risk of not eating enough or enough food with adequate nutrients.

What’s Really Worth Buying at the Farmers’ Market?

As farmers’ markets become more widespread, we hear a lot about the benefits of buying our food at these community events. To name a few: produce is local and therefore tends to be very fresh and hasn’t required extensive shipping resources; we’re supporting local growers and the local economy; and the produce is in season, […]

Straight From the Source

In The Wellness Kitchen cookbook, expert clinical insight into nutrition meets delicious recipes to help home cooks. Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE, spends her days educating people about nutrition and teaching them powerful, simple skills that will transform the way they think about food and cooking as part of their overall wellness plan. The nutrition director […]

Know Before You Go: Farmers’ Market 101

Planning to shop local for your produce this summer? If so, learning a bit about your neighborhood vendors and the produce they sell can ensure that you find the quality you are looking for. By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE The number of farmers’ markets across the country is growing, fueled by an increase in interest […]