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Five Ways You Can Put the Thanks Back into Thanksgiving

By Patricia Damery As Thanksgiving approaches with all the tensions of holiday expectations, there are five things that you can do to enhance the gratitude (and enjoyment!) quotient of the day. Current research underscores the importance of doing so. Gratitude is bonding and allows us to meet difficult situations with less stress. In fact, difficult […]

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

By Mia Adler Ozair Pumpkin pie and turkey dinner. Shopping and regifiting. Getting together with family and friends. No matter what your traditions, the holiday season is almost here. For some, it’s a favorite time of year filled with joy and laughter. For others it means unwanted encounters, financial pressure, and even depression. But for […]

Finding the balance between too little and too much anxiety

A healthy balance of anxiety can propel you forward in life and keep you on top of your game.

Color Me Happy

Feeling blue? Green with envy? It may be no accident that we sometimes use colors to describe our moods or emotions. In fact, one study even found that depressed people associated their mood with the color gray, while happy people gravitated to the color yellow.

Choosing Positive Thinking

To keep your brain fit you need to exercise it properly. This means building on ways to make it stronger and better able to perform its tasks and avoiding conditioning it in ways that don’t serve you. In other words, focus your brain fitness on positive thinking.

Animals Help Patients Heal

Hospitals and other care facilities around the country are increasingly incorporating animal therapy. By Maryann Hammers Healthcare has gone to the dogs at medical centers and clinics throughout Portland, Oregon. For that matter, it’s gone to the bunnies at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Hospital for Joint Diseases, and to the cats at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric […]

Being in Awe Can Change Your Experience of Time

At some point, we all wish we had more than 24 hours in a day. You don’t have to be a magician to expand time—it turns out, all you have to do is experience awe.

Women Travel Solo

Solo travel provides opportunities to broaden your perspective and build your confidence while fueling your spirit.

The Health Benefits of Pets

It’s easy to see owning a pet as another responsibility—or even a chore—but the health benefits far outweigh the added work.

Green Space Improves Mental Health

Want to be healthier and happier? Maybe it’s time to move closer to green space.

The Next Level of Gratitude

When faced with challenges and disappointments, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation to throw yourself a pity party—but what if you could be grateful instead?

Julia Mancuso, Winter Olympic Alpine Ski Racer – Mind, Body, Spirit

Overcoming her injury has been one circumstance that has required her to really dig deeply for mental strength.

Is Your Cell Phone Making You Unhappy?

It’s a simple little device that is supposed to make your life easier, but convenience isn’t always the shortest route to happiness. It turns out, your cell phone might be increasing your anxiety and decreasing your happiness.

Optimists Have Better Health

If your glass is half empty, you might want to think about filling it up because it turns out that positive people are not just happier—they’re healthier, too.

Stress and Illness

Study after study has shown a link between stress and illness—and now research is starting to show why the two are linked. It has a lot to do with one pesky hormone: cortisol.