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Features and tips devoted to helping you maintain balance, honor your spirit, and avoid stress.

Building a Foundation for Health

Regardless of religious affiliation, most of us recognize that we have a deeper part of ourselves that needs our care and attention. Some may refer to it as spirit, soul, higher self, inner child, or countless other names. It doesn’t matter what you name it; what matters is that you acknowledge and nurture it.

Finding Peace and Quiet in a Noisy World

Noise can be as harmful as secondhand smoke

Deepak Chopra’s Top Tips to Reduce Stress

By Katie Morell Think back to the last day you did not make a to-do list. Are you at a loss? If so, you are like most women: perpetually busy and often stressed. “Stress is an issue for women; they are struggling with more than one career,” says Deepak Chopra, MD, world-renown author, internal medicine […]

When Chores Become a Chore

Transform your interaction around family chores by reinforcing your kids’ behavior. By Shir Zion, MA If You’re a Parent, you’ve no doubt experienced it: the endless battles and excuses that arise when children are asked to do their chores. Many parents claim that their children don’t complete these tasks because they’re “lazy,” “rude,” or “just […]

Pivot Toward the Positive

Responding to a negative attitude by asking a simple question might yield surprising results. By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM My father is 90 years old, drives a car, and lives independently. As a World War II veteran and someone who lived through the Great Depression—  among other significant experiences—he has strong opinions. He […]

Does a Prayer a Day Keep Illness at Bay?

Research into the impact of religious and spiritual beliefs on our health continues. By John Leifer When we are sick, we rely on our physicians to heal us. And for good reason: they possess the knowledge, tools, drugs, and procedures to conquer many maladies. But not all illnesses respond to the ministrations of modern medicine, […]

Life Coach: What Can You Learn from a Lobster?

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM A lobster? Really? Hang in with me here. We’re going to get somewhere with this. LOBSTERS NEVER STOP GROWING. They spend their lives in a continual cycle of developing and shedding their hard, inflexible shell to accommodate their expanding size. At each stage of growth, when they shed […]

Finding Balance: From Virtual Reality to Actual Reality

Help your kids move away from the screen and immerse themselves in their tangible surroundings to thrive. By Sarah Shaw Lopano, MED, BCBA I don’t know a single parent who doesn’t want to see their child fully engaged and moti­vated to embrace life. For some that goal may be aca­demic excellence or a lofty career […]

7 Ways Gardening Is an Exercise in Mindfulness

By Martha Brettschneider Have you ever wondered why your first glimpse of a patch of crocuses each spring elicits happiness? Whether or not we have a garden of our own, something in our DNA draws us to flowers. The connec­tion goes beyond appreciating the surface beauty of the blossom. The very act of connecting with […]

The Power in the Pivot

Rewriting your personal narrative at midlife takes courage, but the rewards are worth the challenge. By Gay Kenney Browne The desire to make a piv­ot in one’s life can be in­spired by a wide variety of experiences and emotions. For many of us, the ability to take that first step toward a new direc­tion—to try […]

Writing the Narrative of Illness

The practice of writing can be a valuable therapeutic tool in the face of illness and trauma. By Judith Hannan We are made up of stories. The stories we tell ourselves be­come who we are. We are certain they are true and permanent. Then we are hit with moments that force us to change our […]

Compliments: Accept the Gift with Grace

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Why is it so hard to listen to nice things about yourself? It seems like it should be so easy—and enjoyable—but many of us react to compliments in ways that reflect our difficulty in accepting and internalizing these positive messages. For many women this difficulty accepting praise can […]

Finding Balance: Scenes from a Family

For many women, juggling professional success and family life presents challenges. Bringing home the skills that serve you in the workplace might just help you organize your life at home. By Sarah Shaw, MEd, BCBA It’s 6 P.M. and you’re on your way home from work, still reveling in the glory of your knock-out presentation, […]

Find Your Road to Relaxation

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Relaxing sounds easy, doesn’t it? Sit down, put your feet up, and decompress. And the incentive to relax is certainly there: current studies are consistently circulating through our news feeds about the negative impact that stress can have on our physical and psychological well-being. But the reality is […]

Open Yourself to Awe—It’s Good for Your Health!

It’s no secret that our emotions seem to affect our physical health. You may have had an experience in which receiving bad news while you were recovering from illness or injury slowed your progress. And, on the other hand, many of us have found that a thoughtful visit from a friend or anticipating an exciting […]