Hear Me Roar

Women Share their Personal Stories
There are so many inspiring stories of women who have confronted healthcare challenges—whether as a patient, and advocate, or a caregiver. We give voice to these stories here, including interviews with celebrities and others who have an inspiring message to share.

Is It Hot in Here?

Hormone therapy is still an option for managing menopausal symptoms. By Kari Bohlke, ScD Menopause—when menstrual cycles end and ovarian hormone production drops dramatically—produces such symptoms as hot flashes and night sweats in up to 80 percent of women.1 When these symptoms are severe, they can have a profound effect on a woman’s quality of […]

Community Spirit

Moderators of online support communities provide support, experience, and insight. By Diana Price For many people diagnosed with cancer, joining a community of supporters who truly understand the experience of facing the many aspects of the disease can be a challenge. Though friends and family can offer invaluable help, finding a group of people who […]

You Can Go Home Again

Actor Patrick Dempsey takes his very personal commitment to cancer advocacy back to his hometown in Maine and makes a difference for patients and caregivers. By Diana Price When I catch actor Patrick Dempsey on the phone, he’s slightly out of breath. Apparently, he’s trying to wrangle a couple of puppies—who are chasing a cat—and […]

Q&A with Tory Burch

By Diana Price Tory Burch is a fashion designer and philanthropist whose Tory Burch brand, which includes ready-to-wear handbags, shoes, and jewelry, became an instant success when it was launched in 2004. Known for its sophisticated and accessible style, the brand is now available in 30 freestanding boutiques across the country (and in Rome, London, […]

Big Questions on the Small Screen

Laura Linney plays a cancer patient forced to reexamine her priorities in Showtime’s new series. By Diana Price What do you truly value? If you were presented with a finite timeline for your life, how would you choose to spend that time? Are there experiences you wish you could rewind or undo? What will you […]

When Ordinary is No Longer an Option

When Hollywood producer Laura Ziskin was diagnosed with breast cancer she did what comes naturally—she started solving the problem. By Diana Price Laura Ziskin is not a superhero. I don’t think. She does not leap tall buildings in a single bound; she does not live in a cave or drive a crazy, futuristic car. As […]

SURVIVOR PROFILE Bonnie Pollack Gordon

In our recurring series of survivor profiles,Women interviews a different survivor each quarter to hear how women at various stages of managing a cancer diagnosis have approached their situation. We hope these personal glimpses of the strength and the diversity among women living with cancer will inspire our readers. “What lies behind us and what […]

Writing as Refuge

Mom blogger Jen Singer didn’t stop writing when she was diagnosed with cancer. By Jen Miller In 2007, Jen Singer was on a roll. Having taken a leap and quit her pharmaceutical advertising job, she was making a living as a freelance writer. Her funny, popular, award-winning Web site, www.mommasaid.net, was gaining an ever-widening audience; […]

Living My Truth

Melissa Etheridge shares her cancer journey and describes the pursuit of balance and truth that now shapes her path. By Diana Price When I catch Melissa Etheridge on the phone, she tells me that she has just enough time to fit in our interview before she has to pick up her kids from school. Sure, […]

Comfort in Community

Social media provides a welcome haven for cancer survivors. By Diana Price When Melanie Erickson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March 2009, the then-27-year-old from Calgary, Alberta, in Canada turned to the Internet for information and support. She joined several thyroid cancer support groups on Facebook and on ThyCa (http://thyca.org, the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ […]