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Women Share their Personal Stories
There are so many inspiring stories of women who have confronted healthcare challenges—whether as a patient, and advocate, or a caregiver. We give voice to these stories here, including interviews with celebrities and others who have an inspiring message to share.

Decoding Annie Parker

A cancer survivor’s personal mission to educate others about genetic testing brings her story to the big screen. By Diana Price When Anne Parker was diagnosed with first breast and, later, ovarian cancer, she knew in her heart that, as she says, “there was something more than ‘bad luck’ involved” in her diagnoses. Having lost […]

Turning Pain into Purpose

When I last interviewed Fran Drescher four years ago, she was a woman with a mission: As a cancer survivor who had been misdiagnosed and mistreated for two years before being accurately diagnosed with Stage I uterine cancer, Fran was determined to raise awareness about the value of early diagnosis. And she did. With the […]

Lessons in Life and Love

Lisa Niemi Swayze reflects on her journey as a caregiver and shares her hopes as an advocate. By Diana Price When I reach Lisa Niemi Swayze on the phone, the actress, director, choreographer, and writer is at home on her ranch in New Mexico, where a summer thunderstorm is offering up welcome rain—along with some […]

A Legacy of Love

Lisa Calderone-Stewart reflects on her journey of personal and professional joy in the face of advanced cancer. By Lisa Calderone-Stewart I had always been a swimmer, so I wondered why I suddenly felt faint in the locker room after every swim. I told myself it was just stress. After all, in my work as director […]

Survivor Profile Nancy Sullivan

In our recurring series of survivor profiles, Women interviews a different survivor each quarter to hear how women at various stages of managing a cancer diagnosis have approached their situation. We hope these personal glimpses of the strength and the diversity among women living with cancer will inspire our readers. Nancy Sullivan Briefly describe your […]

Pulling Back “The Curtain of Blackness”

Treatment brings light to those with seasonal affective disorder By Kari Bohlke, ScD The winter and darkness have slowly but steadily settled over us. By such easy stages has the light departed that we have not, until now, appreciated the awful effect. —Frederick A. Cook, MD, Through the First Antarctic Night, 1898–1899 In his narrative […]

One of the Tribe

Marlo Thomas’ groundbreaking career ref lects her deeply felt sense of community and her desire to create positive change. By Diana Price Marlo Thomas has a favorite motto: Never face the facts. When we live our lives according to the limits set forth by facts and statistics, she says, we discount a whole range of […]

Crossing the Divide: Lessons in Knowing and Not Knowing in a Brave New World

By Christine Wilson In late June, a couple days before my sixtieth birthday, I was working in my vegetable garden—my beloved, overplanted little plot wedged into the front yard of my suburban home. There is a moment like this every year with the garden: a perfect day. With my hands in the warm soil, surrounded […]

I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor continues to share her love of performing with the world—along with her dedication to cancer advocacy. By Diana Price Grammy Award winner Gloria Gaynor knows a little something about long-term survival. Perhaps most well known for her empowering anthem “I Will Survive,” Gloria has been entertaining audiences worldwide since arriving on the music […]

A Passion for Philanthropy

Fueled by a desire to honor her mother’s memory and a lifelong commitment to philanthropy, Sherry Lansing brings skills honed as power player in the movie industry to her role as a dedicated cancer advocate. By Diana Price When philanthropist and former film industry executive Sherry Lansing was a little girl, she assumed that “everyone […]