Healthy Habits for Life

The bottom line: what you eat and how you eat can have lasting consequences for your health. Choose wisely and nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods.

Ten “Super” Foods for a Well-stocked Kitchen

Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. Marsha Nunley Provides Tips for Healthy Eating What is a “superfood”? Most doctors and nutritionists will tell you that there is no scientific definition of “superfood,” that it is a marketing buzzword applied to foods that are good for you. Functional medicine specialist Dr. Marsha Nunley, founder of H.E.A.L. Medical, agrees […]

Six Easy Ways to Help Prevent Cancer

By Nagi B. Kumar, PhD, RD, FADA Population Sciences Division Director of Cancer Chemoprevention Moffitt Cancer Center   Looking to take action in cancer prevention this year? Here are six powerful strategies for preventing cancer in 2016. These recommendations will also benefit cancer survivors who have finished treatment. 1. The Power of Phytochemicals We are surrounded by […]

Cooking for a Cause

A celebrity chef puts her passion for food to work to educate people about a common health concern. By Diana Price   Here are just a few a of the hats that Sunny Anderson, celebrity cook and co-host of Food Network’s The Kitchen, has worn in her career: US Air Force broadcaster, radio DJ, journalist, […]

Bone Health and Alcohol

Want to improve your bone health? Drink up. It may sound too good to be true—but recent research indicates that alcohol may prevent osteoporosis in older women. Understanding Bone Loss Although we may think of bone as hard and durable, in fact it is living tissue that grows and changes throughout our lives. Old bone is constantly […]

Feed Your Brain: 6 Tips for Better Brain Health

By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition California Health & Longevity Institute Spend some time with the 50-plus age group and it becomes clear that memory and brain function are hot topics. With many baby boomers encountering changes in their brain function—causing concern, and, let’s face it, amusement, at times— it is not surprising […]

Healthy Diet, Happy Bladder

Everywhere we look in the media, we find claims that different diets can improve our quality of life. Experts and gurus suggest that we increase our water intake, avoid sugar, become vegetarian, or try a vegan or gluten-free diet.

From the Inside Out: Vitamins, Nutrients, and Your Skin

Key nutrients play a vital role in the health of your skin. By Todd Schlesinger, MD You’ve heard the news, read the stories, and seen the reports: nutrition is important to our health. As a part of an overall wellness plan that includes physical activity, getting enough sleep, and keeping stress levels in check, eating […]

Eat Fat, Get Smart

Science has long touted the health benefits of “good”—or monounsaturated—fats and the harms of “bad”—or saturated—fats. The data continues to pile up—and new research indicates that bad fats may actually impair overall brain function and memory over time.

3 Bone-Building Recipes

Bone-Building Recipes By Daniella Chace, MS, CN Italian Sardine Spread Sardines contain a whopping 372 milligrams of calcium in just 3 ounces, and they are also a great source of boron. The mayonnaise in this recipe provides vitamin B12, and the olive oil is a key source of vanadium. All of these nutrients are building […]