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Adopting a New Direction in Dementia Care

Changing the mind-set, changing the outcome By Kerry Mills, MPA When a caregiver for someone with de­mentia strives to control every situ­ation and manage every event, the results will not be beneficial for the person with dementia. In addition, the stress level of the caregiver will escalate, creating an environment with lower-quality care overall. While […]

Beyond Botox

A once-feared toxin finds wide-ranging medical uses. By Sharon Reynolds On Halloween morning in 1975, Martha Murphy, then a 23-year-old newlywed, woke up with a stiff neck. “I thought I just slept wrong, no big deal,” she recounts. But the pain and stiffness did not go away over the days and weeks that followed. Eventually, […]

The Current State of Hepatitis

Hepatitis remains a global and domestic health problem, but the outlook is improving with new treatments and awareness. By Mia James The impact of hepatitis at home and abroad is undeniably significant. The virus, which causes illness and even death, can lead to scarring of the liver (cirrhosis) and liver cancer and affects 400 million […]

Infertility: A Hidden Struggle

Women who experience infertility face an intense emotional journey, often unacknowledged, as they navigate the road to parenthood. By Diana Price Colleen Weaver was 34 and had two young sons, ages two and four, when she and her husband, Charles, decided to try for a third child. When Colleen did not conceive after about six […]

Early Study Hints at Possibility that Alzheimer’s Can Be Transmitted

Age, family history, and genetics are the major risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. A study, however, now questions whether a small number of cases are acquired. These findings were reported in the journal Nature. We don’t entirely understand how Alzheimer’s disease develops, but, in general, it’s not considered a disease individuals can “catch,” or acquire […]

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

What do you know about ovarian cancer? Do you know there is no test for ovarian cancer, and that a Pap test does not detect the disease? There are symptoms, which are subtle, that can mimic those of unrelated conditions. Termed “the silent killer,” it continues to be the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. According […]

Ovarian Cancer’s Sneaky Symptoms

The deadly disease sneaks up on most unsuspecting women. Here’s what to watch out for. By Maryann Hammers Joetta Brooks was puzzled: Despite working out three times a week, her clothes were fitting tighter, and her tummy was large and hard. She began to experience urinary leakage when she sneezed or laughed. “I needed to […]

Heart Disease, Birth Control, and Pregnancy

By the American Heart Association Do you take birth control? Or are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? Using some form of hormonal birth control and starting a family are important parts of many women’s life experiences. But both birth control and pregnancy can affect your heart health. This is especially true if you […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Why Is It So Hard to Explain?

By D.Z. Stone Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is not easy to describe. How does one explain a chronic and progressive autoimmune illness that typically affects the small joints of the hands and feet but may also involve other joints as well as inflammation of the lungs, heart, and eyes? A disease where one can suffer the […]

Cooking for a Cause

A celebrity chef puts her passion for food to work to educate people about a common health concern. By Diana Price   Here are just a few a of the hats that Sunny Anderson, celebrity cook and co-host of Food Network’s The Kitchen, has worn in her career: US Air Force broadcaster, radio DJ, journalist, […]

Arthritis: A Disease for All Generations

By Heather Stringer When Lauren Marchi entered college as a freshman at American University in Washington, DC, she was a classically trained pianist and ballerina. She had aspirations of pursuing degrees in piano performance and marketing while dancing on the side, but early in her senior year she was forced to question her well-laid plans. […]

Serious Medical Diagnosis? Start Here.

If you or a loved one is facing a serious health issue, asking the right questions and getting the vital information you need are key. By Elisabeth Schuler Russell Founder and President, Patient Navigator LLC  My journey through the complexities of the US medical system began in 1998, when my two-year old daughter was diagnosed […]

The Dawn of Biosimilars: FDA Grants First Approval

A new class of drugs called biosimilars is becoming available to consumers. Though these medications are very similar to already available drugs known as biologics, biosimilars are just now beginning to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, the FDA just granted the first biosimilar approval to a drug called […]

Is there Benefit to Annual Physical Exams?

Many of us have grown up with the annual physical as a staple of routine medical care—in sickness and in health. This practice, however, is now coming into question, as some experts are concluding that the annual physical may have no real benefit for healthy individuals.

FDA Brings Genetic Testing Home

You may think it’s pretty remarkable that we can now test for genetic risk of developing certain diseases. It now appears the impressive science of genetic testing is moving into our homes.