Features and tips devoted to exercise trends and strategies to maintain overall fitness.

Get a Workout Buddy for Optimal Success

Researchers from Michigan State University have found that an exercise partner—especially one who is a little more fit than you—can boost motivation and performance.

10-Minute Workouts, Three Times a Day for Better Health

Three 10-minute workouts may be even more beneficial for your heart than one 30-minute session. That’s good news for your health and your schedule.

Exercise Increases ‘Good’ Estrogen and Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Exercise appears to change the way women’s bodies metabolize the hormone, increasing the ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ estrogen metabolites and thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Exercise During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, it can be tempting to sit back and relax for nine months, but it’s better to stay active if you can. Maintaining a regular fitness regimen during your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel strong.

Exercise Shrinks Abdominal Fat Cells

Exercise can do more than make you feel good and whittle your waist—it can actually reduce the size of fat cells in the abdomen, according to the results of a study.

Boost Your Balance

Balance is the most overlooked element of fitness. We spend a lot of time focusing on strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility—but what about balance?

Tone Those Triceps

The triceps are the most common “complaint area” for women—and they’re actually easy to tone.

The Right Amount of Exercise Can Boost Mental Health

If you want optimal mental health, start exercising—but make sure you get the right amount of exercise. People who exercise too little and people who exercise too much tend to have poorer mental health, according to the results of a new study.

Perfect the Push-Up

The push-up is the ultimate barometer of fitness. The total-body exercise engages muscles in the arms, chest, abdomen, hips, and legs. No wonder they’re so challenging!

Lift Your Way to Fitness

Chronic cardio—it’s a common exercise condition among women. Isn’t strength training important, too? Most definitely—so why aren’t more women hitting the weight room?

Winter Fitness

The days are shorter and colder and the couch is cozy and inviting, but winter is no time to fall off the fitness wagon. Exercise is critical for your physical fitness and your emotional wellbeing.

Thirty Minutes of Exercise is Enough for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you need to slog it out in the gym for hours on end, right? Maybe not, according to the results of a study that indicate that 30 minutes of exercise per day may just be enough.

Weight Control Can Reduce Women’s Diabetes Risk

Diabetes has become a nationwide epidemic, but according to the results of a study published in Diabetes Care, women over 50 can stave off the disease by controlling their weight through diet and exercise.

Variety is the Spice of Exercise

A fitness rut is no fun—and can quickly turn into a fitness hiatus, which can quickly turn into a life on the couch. Break out of that fitness rut for optimal fitness and fun.

Hula Hoop for Exercise

If you want to get into shape but think exercise is a drag, pick up the latest fitness tool—a hula hoop—and shimmy your way into shape. Hula hooping—also called hooping or hoop dancing—is creating fitness converts out of even the most reluctant exercisers. It’s fun, it’s playful, and it’s a fantastic workout.

Go Hard, Not Long

If you think you need to slog away on the treadmill for two hours per day to get healthy and fit, think again. New research indicates that short, intense exercise sessions may be healthier than longer, moderate exercise sessions.