Features and tips devoted to exercise trends and strategies to maintain overall fitness.

Reboot Your Fitness Routine

Tips for starting (or restarting) regular exercise Sometimes even the most dedi­cated fitness buffs among us fall out of our routines. Family and career obligations, illness, inju­ry, major life changes like a move to a new city—any of these can disrupt our program, and we soon find ourselves going for five days per week or […]

Treadmill Desks Can Be Good For Your Health

By Mia James As research continues to warn us about the health risks of our sedentary lifestyles, we are coming up with more ways to reduce the time we spend seated, even at our desk jobs. We are trying standing desks, kneeling desks, exercise balls for more-active sitting, and even tread­mill desks that allow us […]

Grab a Group: Exercise Trends and Classes

Fitness classes and small group exercise offerings provide challenge and community. By Diana Price Have you browsed your gym’s group workout schedule lately? If you have, you know that the variety of classes offered today truly provides options for every interest and ability level. And if you haven’t considered participating in a class or small […]

Happy Mind, Healthy Body

Five easy ways to achieve mind-body wellness. By Maryann Hammers Long-distance runner Beth Weinstein remembers a particularly grueling 50K trail race last year. “I was undertrained, tired, in tons of pain,” she recalls. “It was muddy and wet from heavy rain—many runners didn’t finish.” But Beth wasn’t about to give up. So, she began repeating […]

Fitness for Real Life

By Maryann Hammers Is fitness measured by how many bicep curls you can do? Fitness experts say, “nope.” Rock-hard abs and sculpted shoulders won’t necessarily help you dig a hole, climb a ladder, or pull weeds. That explains the popularity surge of “functional fitness” — one of this year’s top fitness trends. [1] Real fitness […]

Form & Function

Two activewear companies founded by women aim to inspire their customers to get out and get fit. By Diana Price In case you haven’t noticed, activewear is everywhere. No longer relegated to the gym or the track, apparel that allows for easy movement, wicks moisture, and is equally at home on the couch or on […]

Tales from Another Mother Runner Q&A

Q&A with Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, authors of Tales from Another Mother Runner Q: For readers not familiar with your website ( or your previous books (Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother), can you briefly describe how you two came together to inspire mother runners? Dimity: Back in 2007, when (most) of […]

Tales for the Road…or Trail or Treadmill 

Two longtime mother runners offer a third installment in their series of inspiring guides for moms on the run. By Diana Price When I was training for my first marathon, I had a routine before my weekly long run: waking in the dark (far too early for a summer Sunday), I would shuffle into my […]

The Ups and Downs of Sharing Your Fitness Activity on Social Media

Social fitness tools—websites and mobile apps that record elements of our workouts, such as distance, route, time, and more and allow us to post these details online—are everywhere. You may have heard of tools like Fitbit (, Strava (, and Sports Tracker (, each of which works with an app that you download to your […]

Run for a Cause

Nonprofit organizations continue to serve their mission and participants’ wellness through endurance event team building. By Diana Price  Peer-to-peer fundraising through endurance ath­letic events is booming. The model is a win-win for nonprofit organiza­tions facing an increasingly com­petitive fundraising climate and for event participants eager to support their favorite causes while accom­plishing significant fitness goals. […]

Working Out With Weights?

Tips for Keeping Your Lower Back Safe By Mia James We hear a lot about the benefits of weight-bearing activity for women, including weightlifting. We are told that add­ing some heft to our exercise routine can help tone our bodies, increase fat burning, and, importantly, slow bone loss and prevent osteoporosis. The secret to effective […]

Hit the Trail

Walking in nature is good for your mind, body, and soul. Longtime hikers describe their love of the activity and offer tips to get started. By Maryann Hammers  Cleo Everest recalls the exact moment she became a hiker. Her husband of 15 years was out of town on business, and she was home alone with […]

You Go, Girls!

Itching to get out of Dodge? Want to combine fun and fitness while expanding your horizons, boosting your ego, and finding new friends? Make your next vacation a women’s adventure. By Maryann Hammers Elizabeth Chirles wanted waves. And she wasn’t finding them in Washington, DC. After relocating from San Diego, Elizabeth, an elementary school counselor […]

Stress May Impair Recovery from Exercise

If you’re wondering why your workouts are leaving you feeling extra sore and tired, look no further than your stress levels. Recent research has found that chronic stress may actually impair the body’s ability to recover from exercise.

Should I Workout when I Have a Cold?

We tend to talk a lot about motivation in fitness—tricks and inspiration to get us out for that run or to the gym. But with all this encouragement to exercise, we also need to remember that some days we need a break. Illness, even a touch of a cold, can be one of these occasions.

To Benefit More from Exercise, Pick up Your Pace

If your workouts tend to be more laid back than rigorous, you may want to add some intensity: research shows that running might have certain benefits over walking.