Features and tips devoted to exercise trends and strategies to maintain overall fitness.

Exercise and Pollution

Aerobic exercise is indeed one of the cornerstones of health, but it turns out that aerobic activity and pollution really don’t mix. If you live in a heavily polluted urban area, you may want to rethink your exercise regimen so that you can reap the maximum benefits with minimum harm to your lungs.

Healthy Habits for Life

The bottom line: what you eat and how you eat can have lasting consequences for your health. Choose wisely and nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods.

Stay Supple with Stretching

Maintain—or improve—your flexibility for optimal health as you age. By Joan Pagano Inevitably with time, things change. You feel a bit stiffer in the mornings; your joints are a little creaky; a glimpsed reflection in a window reveals you’re not standing as straight as you thought. Tight muscles may begin to affect your gait. If […]

Hello, Bicycle

Jump on the two-wheel trend with a new guidebook to all things bike. Do you remember that glorious, powerful feeling of your first self-propelled ride on a two-wheeler? Can you still feel the air pushing past your face and the momentum beneath the tires? Can you again sense the slight wobble and then the joy […]

Core Strengthening for Back Pain Prevention

Tips for core strengthening to stop back pain before it starts By Kaliq Chang, MD Back pain is extremely common with approximately 90 percent of people suffering with it at some point in their lives. Approximately $50 billion is spent a year seeking relief. Back pain is second only to the common cold as a […]

Be Mindful of Potential for Injury at the Gym

8 tips for working out without getting hurt By Margaret Harvey, DO The gym is a great place to build strength and endurance, but it’s important to be mindful of the potential for gym-related injury.  Consider these eight tips for staying fit and injury free at the gym. Start with a warm up Don’t challenge […]

10 Top Holiday Fitness Tips

By Joan L. Pagano  The holiday season can wreak havoc with your best intentions to stay in shape. It’s easy to get de-railed with parties, travel, and general disruption to your normal routines.  Be proactive: Plan your strategy now to maintain your fitness when life gets hectic. Use these 10 tips to keep on track for the New Year.   1)  Make […]

Exercise for Elders: The Best Decision You Can Make for Your Health

Geriatrician Elizabeth Landsverk, MD Offers Tips on Getting Started  Physical activity and exercise are good for you—at every age. For older adults, being physically active is vital to health and the ability to remain independent. Even those who are frail or suffer from the ailments and disabilities common among elders can improve their health with […]

No More Exercise Excuses

Overcome these common barriers to exercise and reap the physical and mental rewards of consistent activity. By Diana Price Everyone has pulled out at least one of these excuses to avoid exercise—likely more than one. But no more! Jump these barri­ers to doing your body good, with expert tips from trainers Kerri Dorn and Jessica […]

Learn and Move for Healthy Bones

Understanding essential facts about osteoporosis and engaging in regular bone-building exercise are key to maintaining bone health as we age. By Joan Pagano  A study conducted by the National Osteoporosis Foun­dation (NOF) revealed that most women over the age of 45 fail to recognize their per­sonal risk of developing osteoporosis, the disease of “porous bones,” […]

For a Healthy Heart, #GoRedGetFit

A social media initiative aims to educate and inspire positive change in diet and exercise habits and to promote heart health among multicultural women. By Diana Price For renowned personal trainer and Nike-spon­sored athlete Ary Nuñez, encouraging wom­en to exercise and live a heart-healthy life­style is a personal issue: “I’ve lost my aunt and my […]

Getting Started With Yoga

New to yoga? Roll out your mat with confidence by putting these 12 tips into practice. By Jessica Matthews, MS, E-RYT 500 While yoga offers a plethora of research-supported physiological and psychological benefits—from im­proved flexibility and balance to reduced stress and improved mood—it is not uncommon to feel a bit un­easy about kicking off your […]

Strength Train at Home

Maintaining muscle strength through regular exercise as we age can help combat natural muscle loss, or sarcopenia. By Joan Pagano Sarco-What? Sarcopenia is the natural loss of muscle strength and function that occurs with aging. If you are over 40, you are already experiencing creeping muscle loss. Is it reversible? Yes—but only with an appropriate […]

Runners: Ready, Set, Strengthen Your Butt

Strengthening the gluteus medius can be a key step in injury prevention. Runners often hurt. Knees, feet, hips… Minor aches and pains and the threat of a serious, disabling injury plague runners of all ages and at all levels. “We see runners all the time who have had occasional discomfort in a knee,” says physical […]

Exercise Reduces Chronic Low Back Pain

By David Borenstein, MD Executive Editor, Lower back pain is second only to the cold as the most common affliction of mankind. Each year in the United States, up to 20 percent of the population will have an episode. Back pain is a common cause of work absence and disability. Historically, for episodes of […]

5 Common Pilates Myths

By Kristen Briody, MS, PT, CPI Myth #1: All Pilates is the same. Pilates purists maintain that only the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, performed in a specific order and with equipment made to Pilates’ original specifications, are real Pilates.  This approach is often referred to as Classical Pilates.  Contemporary Pilates has added new equipment and […]