Find Your Way

Taking the Mystery Out of the Medical System
Making your way through the medical system, whether you’re trying to understand your insurance coverage, help a loved one navigate through a health crisis, or are facing a complex diagnosis yourself can be a major challenge. In “Find Your Way,” we offer articles that explain and offer solutions to areas within the complicated medical system that may be confusing or overwhelming. Explanations of various insurance and financial issues, insight from social workers and healthcare advocates, our regular “Ask the Doctor” feature, and other helpful features make up this department.

Ask the Doctor: Young Adults and Cancer

with karen M. Fasciano, PsyD Director of Young Adult Mental Health at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Young adults face unique emotional challenges in the wake of a cancer diagnosis. Now treatment centers are increasingly offering special resources and tools to help these patients cope with cancer. First, which patients qualify as young adults for the purposes […]

What’s in Your Wallet?

Prepare for the unexpected. Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Cancer Navigator Kathy Gurland addresses psychosocial issues affecting patients and families. Most anyone who watches TV has seen the commercial with barbarian Vikings asking the question “What’s in your wallet?” The campaign’s goal is to convince viewers to carry the company’s credit card with them at […]

Ask The Doctor: What is Urinary Incontinence?

By Susan A. Hobson MD, PhD Q: What is urinary incontinence? Do you avoid running, lifting, or jumping on a trampoline for fear of getting wet? Or do you find you make sure you know where the bathroom is wherever you go so that you don’t have accidental leakage? If either or both of these […]

The Hospital Visit

Kathy Gurland, LCSW and Cancer Navigation Specialist addresses issues affecting patients and families. Guidelines and suggestions for patients and loved ones spending time in the hospital. Recently, several people I know were all in the hospital at the same time. It was so stressful trying to schedule all of those visits. Does it send an […]

Plan. Learn. Act.

Coping with illness requires more than medicine. Be prepared to navigate the legal and financial aspects of a diagnosis. By Mia James If you are diagnosed with an illness, recovery is your first priority. Unfortunately, though, there are plenty of concerns in addition to your health than can complicate the treatment process. Financial and legal […]

Don’t Suffer Silently

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening, but counseling can provide relief from the emotional challenges. By Pam Abernethy, MEd, LPC A cancer diagnosis can demand a huge emotional toll from those facing the daily challenges of the disease. Very few patients and caregivers recognize, however, that the emotional issues they are facing have a name: cancer […]

Finding Your Way Through Cancer

By Andrew Kneier, PhD The title of my book, Finding Your Way through Cancer, speaks to the journey a person begins as soon as the worry enters one’s mind—the worry that something is wrong and that it could be cancer. When you learn definitively that you have cancer, the journey becomes more real and thrusts […]

Ask the Doctor: Navigating Survivorship

By Karen Syrjala, PhD Director of Biobehavioral Sciences and co-director of the Survivorship Program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Q: As I move from active treatment to survivorship, how can I ensure that I am getting the care I need and doing all that I can to avoid recurrence? A: The following are 10 […]

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine (IM) is a medical approach that describes the fusion of the best of conventional medical practices with lifestyle modification to optimize health. Included in this approach are indigenous practices and alternative therapies that have a scientific rationale for use. At the core of the practice is the belief that the body has an […]

Ask the Doctor: Hereditary Risk and Ovarian Cancer

By Mary Daly, MD, PhD, FACP Chair, Department of Clinical Genetics, Fox Chase Cancer Center Founder, Margaret Dyson Family Risk Assessment Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center Director, Ovarian Cancer Consortium for Research and Surveillance Q. There are several women in my family who have had breast cancer and one who had ovarian cancer. How do I […]