Every Womans Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and Around the World
Women are concerned with a variety of healthcare topics, and we do our best to cover a broad range in each of our quarterly issues. Topics covered in “Every Woman’s Health” might include overviews of common women’s health issues like cardiovascular health, rheumatoid arthritis, or bone health, for example, or offer skin care advice from dermatologists or tips for combating sleep disorders or depression.

5 Things to Avoid to Help Your Heart

By the American Heart Association 1. Decongestants. According to the AHA, people with high blood pressure should be aware that the use of decongestants may raise blood pressure. Many over-the-counter cold and flu preparations contain decongestants such as oxymetazoline, phenylephrine, and pseudoephedrine, which increase blood pressure. 2. Sleep Apnea. Some 12 million Americans have sleep […]

Finding Doctor Right

Take the time to choose the right match for your healthcare needs. By Laurie Wertich When you need a doctor, you don’t just need any old doctor—you need the right doctor at the right time in the right place. But how do you get those circumstances to line up? The truth is, the best time […]

Gerd- Raising Awareness About an Unknown Killer

By Sharon Reynolds ECAN spreads the word about the link between acid reflux and esophageal cancer. John Mordecai, better known to his many friends as Monte, was “a healthy guy,” remembers his wife, Mindy. He was a runner. He didn’t eat sugar and kept to a low-fat diet. But for many years, he experienced unexplained […]

Sunscreen 101: Answers to Your Burning Questions

By Henry W. Lim, MD , FAAD , CS Livingood Chair and Chairman of the Department of Dermatology Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Michigan Like most over-the-counter products, not all sunscreens are created equal. Some sunscreens provide higher sun protection, whereas others contain ingredients that are better suited for children’s skin. The key is choosing a […]

Act Your Age When It Comes to Skin Care

Three board-certified dermatologists discuss the top skin care concerns of women in their twenties, thirties, and forties and provide tips for each age group. People experience many changes as they age, including changes to their skin. The body’s largest organ evolves over time, so it’s important for a person’s skin care routine to evolve with […]

Cultivating the Habit of Happiness

Dharma teacher and author Joseph Emet offers an insightful, practical guide to replacing negative thought processes with positive ones to foster happiness. Are you in the habit of being happy? For many of us, happiness seems contingent on external factors—other people’s actions, difficult experiences we’ve lived through, the weather, traffic…. But what if you could […]

Living with RA: Connect and Communicate with Your Rheumatology Nurse

Q&A with Linda Grinnell-Merrick, MS, RN, NP-BC Rheumatology Nursing Society Board Member Nurse Practitioner Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology University of Rochester Medical Center Q: What expertise do rheumatology nurses bring to their relationships with patients? A: Rheumatology nurses have specialized training in inflammatory diseases and clinical expertise in administering and monitoring current treatments. […]

Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Women: Knowledge Is Power

By Eileen J. Lydon, ANP-BC Department of Rheumatology NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Osteoporosis occurs when bones become weak due to loss of bone tissue; osteoporotic bone is thinner and full of holes, and there is less of it. As a result, the bone fractures easily, even due to simple everyday activities like a minor […]

A Nutrition Link to Bone Health: The Bacteria in Your Gut

The connection between the gut and the skeleton offers the potential for novel strategies through nutrition modification. By Diane Schneider, MD The old saying You are what you eat rings true for bone health and your overall health. The impact of nutrition and lifestyle—positive and negative—on our bones is well known, but a different type […]

Managing Migraine

Living with migraine means managing lifestyle and symptoms every day. Two leading headache specialists offer insights into understanding migraine and the value of a whole-person approach to care. By Diana Price Susan McDermott has lived with migraine, a complex neurologic disorder, since her late thirties, after the birth of her second daughter. “When my kids […]