Every Womans Health

Health Issues Facing Women at Home and Around the World
Women are concerned with a variety of healthcare topics, and we do our best to cover a broad range in each of our quarterly issues. Topics covered in “Every Woman’s Health” might include overviews of common women’s health issues like cardiovascular health, rheumatoid arthritis, or bone health, for example, or offer skin care advice from dermatologists or tips for combating sleep disorders or depression.

Inform, Engage, Empower

Make the most of your time with your rheumatologist by understanding the content and flow of a typical appointment. By Diana Price Shannon Wylie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in 1978; she was four years old. Since the diagnosis the San Antonio, Texas, resident has used a wide range of medications and has undergone […]

A Mismatch Between Pill and Problem

Behind the headlines about the US prescription opioid crisis lie complicated choices around pain. By Sharon Reynolds On either side of the story, the statistics are staggering. In 2013 healthcare providers in the United States wrote almost 250 million prescriptions for opioids to treat pain.1 Since 1999 the number of unintentional deaths from overdoses involving […]

Overcoming Obesity with Surgery

People struggling with excessive weight are increasingly benefiting from bariatric treatment. By Heather Stringer Karina Falcon had struggled with being overweight for most of her life, at just an inch over 5 feet tall and weighing 270 pounds. People stared when she stepped on a bus and tried to fit into a seat. Karina was […]

In Health As In Life: Teach Your Daughters Well

Helping girls and young women manage autoimmune disease in childhood is an ongoing journey for mothers and daughters. By Cathy Patty-Resk, CPNP If you’re the mother of a daughter, you have felt the intensity of the bond that unites parent and child in this unique relationship. You have been tireless in your efforts to keep […]

This Is Not Your Mother’s Pregnancy

It’s in the Genes Advances in genetic testing are offering women more information than ever before about their genetic makeup and are providing opportunities for empowered decision making related to a wide range of health issues. In this recurring column, experts provide vital information about how genetic testing suits one’s individual needs, potential risks and […]

Unmasking the Genetics of Early Heart Disease

Catching familial hypercholesterolemia early can save lives By Heather Stringer Katherine Wilemon was 15 when she discovered that she was living with extremely high cholesterol levels in her blood. At the time, she and her doctors had no idea how seriously this would put her life at risk as she grew up. Katherine had gone […]

Menopause Makeover

Menopause can offer positive changes that enhance your life. By Cheretta A. Clerkley If you are approaching mid­dle age, chances are good you’re thinking about menopause. Menopause is the term used to describe the end of menstruation; a woman is consid­ered menopausal when she has not had a period in 12 months. (Meno­pause is preceded […]

Write Away the Pain

Finding an expressive path can help you come to terms with chronic illness and forge an identity in the face of pain. By Ashley Boynes-Shuck I could easily write an article about what it means to be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 10, or one about having brain surgery six months before my wedding […]

When It’s Time to See a Gastroenterologist

Expert insight can help pinpoint the culprit in your digestive woes. By Susan Kreimer For Jessie Toledano, 34, the symptoms started in April 2006, but the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease didn’t come until March the following year, just before her twen­ty-fifth birthday. She felt the urge to use the restroom after meals and after drinking […]

Ask the Nurse: Fatigue, Pain, and Related Depression with RA

Carrie Beach, RN, BSN, answers questions about how fatigue and pain can lead to depression for those living with rheumatoid arthritis.  Q: First, can you describe the role of fatigue and pain in rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? What do these symptoms feel like, and what is the range of severity that patients living with the disease […]