Nutritional Know-How

Women, Alcohol, and Sleep

  Avoid alcohol at bedtime for a better night’s sleep. Alcohol poses a misleading conundrum: it appears to make you drowsy, but it actually interferes with deep sleep, leaving you groggy and sleep-deprived the next day. New research indicates that alcohol causes more sleep problems for women than men, possibly as a result of differences […]

5 Plant-based, Bone-Friendly Foods

Strengthen your bones — no milk mustache needed. By Maryann Hammers A woman has more than a one-in-three chance of an osteoporosis-associated bone break in her life. One in ten women have osteoporosis by the time they turn 60. The risk doubles by age 70.[1] That’s why you should take steps now to keep your […]

Low Fat Versus Low Carb: Which Is Your Best Bet for Weight Loss?

As if losing weight weren’t hard enough, some­times it feels like the experts keep changing the rules on us. In the past couple of decades, we have been told to ditch the fat in favor of carbohydrates only to soon be warned that pasta, bread, and the like are the real reason for those extra […]

Coping with Emotional Overeating

Let’s be honest: most of us have reached for a favorite treat during a rough day. And, really, if a tasty pick-me-up now and then puts the smile back on your face, it’s a great remedy. But if you are addressing your blue mood with more than a small treat and find yourself eating to […]

Dining Out the Smart Way

By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition California Health & Longevity Institute Eating out is a way of life for most of us. In fact, many of us are eating at least 50 percent of our meals away from home. We do it for con­venience, for pleasure, and out of necessity. Typically, when we […]

Rooting for Nutrition

Fall is a time of transition—the temperatures drop, the leaves change color, and Mother Nature seems to prepare us to turn inward for the impending winter. While we may long for the warmth of the summer sun and the taste of juicy tomatoes, fall has her own gifts to offer, and if you dig deep—quite literally—you’ll find them, in the form of root vegetables.

Whole Grains Associated with Less Belly Fat

If you need another reason to switch to whole grains, maybe the results of a recent study will convince you. Researchers found that adults who eat three servings of whole grains a day (and less than one serving of refined grains a day) have less belly fat.

Beyond Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins are for more than carving and pies—they deserve to hold a larger role in the fall kitchen

You May Want to Think Again about Giving up Gluten

If you’re trying to avoid gluten in addition to a low-FODMAPs diet in an effort to manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may want to think again: recent research suggests that the frequently maligned protein may not be the culprit behind your digestive troubles. A low-FODMAPs diet may ease IBS troubles, but avoiding […]

Breaking the Fast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a refrain we hear from dieticians, educators, and health experts. Breakfast—or the lack thereof—has the potential to make or break your day. This tiny, early morning meal has the power to fuel your brain and body for a healthy, happy, focused day.