Nutritional Know-How

What’s Really Worth Buying at the Farmers’ Market?

As farmers’ markets become more widespread, we hear a lot about the benefits of buying our food at these community events. To name a few: produce is local and therefore tends to be very fresh and hasn’t required extensive shipping resources; we’re supporting local growers and the local economy; and the produce is in season, […]

Know Before You Go: Farmers’ Market 101

Planning to shop local for your produce this summer? If so, learning a bit about your neighborhood vendors and the produce they sell can ensure that you find the quality you are looking for. By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE The number of farmers’ markets across the country is growing, fueled by an increase in interest […]

How Much Protein?

By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Director of Nutrition California Health & Longevity Institute Protein is a hot topic in nutrition and the marketing campaigns of food products, generating myriad “high-protein” foods in the marketplace as well as continued questions from consumers as to dietary recommendations. Despite the continued push among food pro­ducers to create protein-rich […]

The Not-So-Sweet Health Risks of Sugar Substitutes

It’s possible that artificial sweeteners carry some serious health risks. Research has linked them to a disruption in the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and metabolic changes that, if severe, can lead to diabetes.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Better for Your Health?

When it comes to diet and nutrition, there’s no end of advice—often conflicting and confusing. One particularly common area of debate is vegetarian versus non-vegetarian diet.

A Better Breakfast

By Maryann Hammers You’ve heard it a million times: Start your day off right with a nutritious breakfast. Your mama told you; doctors and dietitians agree. “Skipping breakfast, or making it carb- or sugar-heavy, sets you up for cravings and crashes and low energy later on,” says Mary Purdy, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Bastyr […]

The Food/Mood Connection

By Maryann Hammers You’re having a rough day. So you treat yourself to candy, a cookie, or a vending-machine snack. After all, you deserve a little comforting, right? Be prepared: Your bad day is about to get worse. And the bluer you are, the deeper you’re likely to compulsively dig into the cookie jar or […]

Acai is Awesome

A nutritious diet is one of the key factors to maintaining health. While there is no such thing as a miracle food, there are some foods that provide a higher level of nutrients than others. (These are often called nutrient-dense foods.)

Chocolate and Red Wine May Still Be Good for Us, but Probably Not Due to Resveratrol

If you have looked to health claims describing the benefits resveratrol, a compound found in choco­late and red wine, to justify your indulgences, you may need to rethink the role of these treats in your health plan. Recent research suggests that resve­ratrol may not be the ticket to youth and vitality that we once thought […]

Raise a Glass or Set it Down?

Alcohol and Women’s HealthBy Kari Bohlke, ScDFor many of us, a glass of wine or a cold beer is an enjoyable part of a good meal. We drink for the taste and the experience, with the health benefits—and risks—a secondary consideration. As we consider how best to manage our health, however, we owe it to […]