Cancer Prevention

Lifestyle Factors Increase Risk of Second Breast Cancer

Lifestyle Factors Increase Risk of Second Breast Cancer Obesity, alcohol consumption, and smoking significantly increase the risk of second breast cancers among breast cancer survivors, according to the results of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.1 Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States alone. Treatment […]

Fight Fatigue with Your Fork

Fight Fatigue with Your Fork Fatigue can be a debilitating side effect of cancer treatment, but food choices can make a real difference in maintaining energy. By Laurie Wertich We all know what it’s like to feel a little tired—maybe you hit a midafternoon slump at work or you can’t quite get up the energy […]

Eat, Drink, and Be Wary?

The unclear relationship between diet and cancer By Emily A. Kuhl, PhD While most of us are stocking our kitchens with milk, bread, and the usual pantry staples, the two items that Carol Martin of Alexandria, Virginia, simply cannot be without are blueberries and pomegranate juice. Since being diagnosed with carcinoid cancer of the lung […]

23 Does Eating More Fruit and Vegetables Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Does Eating More Fruit and Vegetables Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer? Results from the WHEL Study By Dena McDowell, MS, RD, CD Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer often pay extra attention to their diet as a way to prevent recurrence of their cancer. Healthcare professionals and researchers alike have long suspected […]

Dealing with Fatigue and the Inability to Eat

Dealing with Fatigue and the Inability to EatCopyright © The Diet Channel 2007 Erin Dummert, RD, CD Cancer-treatment fatigue is more than just being tired. It is an overwhelming sense of tiredness that is not always relieved by rest. It can be mild, causing a person to have less energy to do the things he […]

26 Nutrition Report

Nutrition Report A Boost Against Bladder Cancer by Daniella Chace, MS, CN Thoughtful consideration of your food choices and the nutritional value of what you eat is especially important during cancer treatment. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, consider the following dietary factors that have been the subject of […]

Nutrition Report: Get Green for Spring

From nutrient research to nutritious recipes, support your health with wise food selections.By Daniella Chace We’re learning that green tea has many benefits in the fight against cancer. Research has been pointing to evidence of green tea’s powerful disease-prevention benefits for years. Now recent laboratory and human studies are starting to show that green tea […]

Carbs and Cancer

Carbs and Cancer By Daniella Chace, MS, CN The debate over whether carbohydrates are a positive or a negative part of a healthy diet has been heated in recent years. It’s helpful to know that the primary role of “carbs” is to provide energy. Understanding the role of carbohydrates in a healthy diet is particularly […]

Nourish Yourself

Nourish Yourself Eating Well for Recovery: Phytochemicals and the Immune System By Daniella Chace , MS , CN, Nutritionist Winter 2005 The next time you sit down to enjoy a steaming cup of fragrant green tea, top your taco with avocado slices or add a handful of dried cranberries to your granola, you will be […]

Recipes: Weight Loss

Recipes: Weight Loss Fall 2006 Quinoa Tabouli Salad Fresh parsley, mint, and lemon juice are the bright flavors that make this Lebanese dish so popular. Quinoa cooks quickly; it is easy to digest, high in fiber, and fairly high in protein. It’s also delicious! 1 cup cooked quinoa 1 green onion, minced 1¼ cup minced […]