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Articles in the “Body Wise” department provide readers with insight and news related to exercise and nutrition, emphasizing the important role these two areas play in overall wellness. Features cover exercise trends and advice from experts, in-depth coverage of timely nutrition topics, healthful recipes, tips for integrating fitness into your daily life, and more.

The Art and Science of Weight Loss

Sustaining weight loss requires mental and physical commitment. By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know it’s not easy. To be successful you need some understanding of your behavior, knowledge of the science of weight loss and calorie intake, and some creative problem-solving skills. Even though it’s difficult, […]

The Naked Cookbook: Bare and Bold

Sustainable nutrition deliciously delivered is the goal of Tess Ward’s collection of recipes.  Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Tess Ward has com­bined her professional culinary training with her expe­rience on staff in the kitchens of some of London’s best restaurants and her insight as a certified health coach to create a collection of recipes […]

The Naked Cookbook Author Q&A: Tess Ward

Tess Ward, author of The Naked Cookbook answers questions and describes her approach to clean, healthy eating. Q: Can you describe a bit of your culinary training? What influences led you to offer up the clean, simple recipes included in this collection? A: Although I was classically trained in French cuisine, my farm-to-table experience in the […]

Carb Intolerance

Can’t lose weight? You may have some carb intolerance. By Jackie Buell, RD If you made yet another resolution to lose weight in the New Year, you’re certainly not alone. It is estimated that only 8 percent of those who make resolutions actually keep them, and weight loss can be particularly challenging. One thing to […]

Strength Train at Home

Maintaining muscle strength through regular exercise as we age can help combat natural muscle loss, or sarcopenia. By Joan Pagano Sarco-What? Sarcopenia is the natural loss of muscle strength and function that occurs with aging. If you are over 40, you are already experiencing creeping muscle loss. Is it reversible? Yes—but only with an appropriate […]

Plant Based Diets- A Modern Way to Eat

Plant-based dishes are the stars of this collection of practical, delicious recipes by Anna Jones When Anna Jones steps into her London kitchen to prepare food in the evening, the food stylist and cook is motivated by the same factors that drive so many of us today: she wants to create a meal that is […]

Goal Setting for Long-term Wellness

Setting goals can help you achieve long-term, positive changes in your health and well-being. By Diana Price At my local gym, there is a bulletin board mounted on a wall on the fitness floor, onto which gym-goers tack notes that describe their exercise, weight loss, or other well­ness goals: “Run a marathon this year!”; “Get […]

Modify Your Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing health concern, and lifestyle modifications can play a significant role in prevention. By Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE Diabetes is a chronic disease that has in­creased worldwide in the past decade, nearing epidemic proportions. Today nearly half the US population either has prediabetes or diabetes.1 The grow­ing prevalence of this debilitating con­dition […]

Reboot Your Fitness Routine

Tips for starting (or restarting) regular exercise Sometimes even the most dedi­cated fitness buffs among us fall out of our routines. Family and career obligations, illness, inju­ry, major life changes like a move to a new city—any of these can disrupt our program, and we soon find ourselves going for five days per week or […]

Treadmill Desks Can Be Good For Your Health

By Mia James As research continues to warn us about the health risks of our sedentary lifestyles, we are coming up with more ways to reduce the time we spend seated, even at our desk jobs. We are trying standing desks, kneeling desks, exercise balls for more-active sitting, and even tread­mill desks that allow us […]